Xango Business Opportunity Review

This Xango Business Review was put together to provide you a snippet overview of the Xango company, their products and compensation structure. I hope that you find this informative and helpful to you as you search for that right opportunity.

The Company

If you have done your fair share of searching on the internet you will no doubt understand why Xango is one of the largest direct sales or multilevel marketing companies on the internet. The company was started in November of 2002 and has continued since that time to be a company that continues to grow and stay strong. They currently have offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico and the headquarters are based out of Utah in the United States.

The Product

Xango does sell many different products but the nutritional drink Xango is the product at the top of the list and it’s core ingredient is the Mangosteen Fruit. The benefits that the Xango juice provides as mentioned by the company is that it will help with intestinal health, the immune system, helps neutralize free radicals, helps support joint and cartilage and last to support a healthy respiratory system. Also like most companies with a fruit based product they have other items that are also available, like vitamins, skin care and shampoos.

The Xango Business Opportunity Review

The business plant of Xango is that of a traditional multilevel marketing company. You are provided with basically two ways to make your commissions:

1. Retail Sales – buy the product at a discounted price then sell it you make your profit.
2. PowerStart – this is a bonus that is paid on the initial sales orders by a distributor within the first 30 days.
3. UniLevel – this is a level where they pay 50% on all comissionable volume. This is made up by paying 47% on 9 compressed levels to qualified distributors and then another 3% to a global bonus pool.

Source by Steve Brown Jr.