Will Artificial Intelligence Cure the Humans of Their Mediocrity?

Not long ago, I started a new series of articles discussing the future of artificial intelligence. Specifically how humans would have to compete for jobs in this future against the machines, smart machines with sophisticated algorithms, AI, and perhaps, even the ability to program themselves. How can humans compete against artificially intelligent robots doing mundane tasks in the work environment? Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?

You see, we have a demographic shift in the United States, we also have an unemployment problem, and to top it all off we have more and more regulations, lawyers, and unions causing corporations to strategically reconsider their options such as off-shoring and/or outsourcing. Not to mention that when ObamaCare fully hits in 2014 it will cost $4500 a year even for the lowest paid worker more than it cost the year prior, just for healthcare insurance. Mechanized smart robotics in the workplace may be the only answer.

Perhaps you will go to a fast food restaurant, order from a robot, and the machinery like an assembly line will prepare your meal and hand it to you. All you have to do is give them the money first. Do you think that such realities are not coming, I guarantee it will happen. Now then, this will also cause humans to do something else, and that is to jump out of their mediocrity. If they want to compete with the robots, they will have to compete against ever-increasing intelligent systems, and therefore, they will have to be smarter, try harder, and not take things for granted.

Many people in the United States complain about various things, and the hardships they encounter. However, I would submit to you if you go to a Third World nation and try to deal with some of the simplest of tasks, you will run into immediate challenges even for the simplest things such as getting a glass of water that you can actually drink without playing Russian Roulette with whatever organisms, microbes, or bacteria happen to be inside.

You see, people have it too good in the US and they don’t quite understand. Why, because they have things so easy, they have been easily domesticated, and unfortunately most of them have stopped thinking. For instance, just watch what’s on Twitter or Facebook and see for yourself the kind of nonsense people spew out.

Therefore, it is my prediction that AI computer systems, and the future of robotics in the workplace will cure the humans of their mediocrity, and force them to try harder, work harder, and at some point they might catch a dose of reality. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow