Why Do I Do All The Work?

Q: I am a franchisee of a fast food chain, but for the past three months I have noticed I’ve been doing all the work, and the franchise is making all the money. What will I do?

A: It appears that there is a lack of proper communication between you and your franchiser. In franchising, building a healthy and open relationship with your franchiser is vital. Write or meet with your franchiser so you can discuss your problems with him.

Q: Upon signing of the franchise agreement, our franchiser told us that we would be provided with on-going services. However, until nor we haven’t received any of those.

A: Take a look at the franchise agreement to see if there is something written about on-going services. If not, it is unlikely that those will be provided. It would be best to write your franchiser and remind him about his promises.

Q: We have implemented a major renovation of all our company owned and franchise branches. However, one of our franchisees has refused to comply and cited high expenses. What should I do?

A: As a franchiser, you are obliged to inform your franchisees about any renovation or other plans and to explain why these are necessary. Anything within reason or avoids lacing any undue burden on the franchisee should not be cause for worry.

Q: As a franchiser, I regularly visit franchise branches and sometimes send a mystery shopper over to make sure they follow procedures. Once our mystery shopper reported that one branch was not being managed well, and that the staff were not following standard procedure. Any ideas?

A: All employees and managers are required to train before opening a branch to ensure the branch operates successfully. A poorly managed branch not only courts failure, but also reflects on you as a franchiser. Set up a meeting with the offending party and talk things over amicably before anything gets out of hand.

Source by Armando Bartolome