What Are Some of the Biggest Franchise Success Stories?

The success of a franchise hinges on many variables. By researching the industries available to prospective franchisees and also the track records for specific franchisors, you will find a franchise business idea that makes the most sense for you. Success is not guaranteed, but there are many examples of successful franchisees to model your own franchise after.

As with all business ventures, owning a franchise has risks involved. However, the below franchisors are just a few of the biggest franchise success stories. Each of these required an upfront investment of less than $50,000 and each has its own unique services and story.

Synergy Home Care

Providing non-medical home care, Synergy Home Care has offices throughout the United States. Presently, it is estimated that 12% of the current population is over the age of 65. In 25 years, it is estimated that the total population of this group could double from approximately 34 million to 70 million. The market need for in home non-medical care has allowed Synergy Home Care to present a very successful opportunity for prospective franchisees.

Anytime Fitness

The Anytime Fitness clubs are open 24 hours and cater to all levels of fitness commitment. The fitness industry grows almost annually. Franchises offer services from tanning to Cardiovascular training equipment. The simplicity of understanding the franchising package along with the support and training from the franchisor are invaluable in defining this success story.

Jump Bunch

Offering sports and fitness programs for kids, Jump Bunch is a successful provider of exercise activities for kids. Their main focus is on providing activities that are fun and healthy for everything from daycare providers to schools alike. This is a work from home business that centers around providing exercise curriculum to kids and providers to promote child health on an ongoing basis. Jump Bunch also offers excellent support from their franchisors to the franchisees.

This is just a very small sample of the types of successful franchises that are available for an upfront investment of less than $50,000. As with any business venture, it is always wise to prepare yourself for the process, by doing your homework. Research is of the utmost importance when deciding which franchise opportunity best fits your lifestyle and needs.

Source by Scott B Hutton