Wendy’s History

It all began in November 1969, when Dave Thomas, inspired by the hamburgers that he liked so much in his old hometown, opened in Columbus, Ohio, the first restaurant from what would soon become a successful franchise.

Naming it after his fourth child, Melinda Lou “Wendy”, with “Quality Is Our Recipe” as its first slogan, Wendy’s kept growing. After only a year, in 1971, Dave Thomas opened another restaurant in Columbus, creating the first modern “drive-thru window”.

Stapling its square hamburgers and it’s soft ice cream mixed with frozen starches, the “Frosty”, as its main products, Wendy’s enjoyed a growing popularity among the people of Columbus. Its success determined Thomas to expand Wendy’s to a full-sized chain, around North America, and soon spreading in more than 20 countries. While not having a “signature” sandwich like other fast-food chains do, Wendy’s became known worldwide for its square burger patties. And not only that. In the 1980’s Wendy’s improved their standing by being the first fast food chain to offer the “Salad Bar”, where customers are provided all the salad components separately, to assemble a salad after their own unique taste.

Besides their tasteful hamburgers and salads, Wendy`s also frequently rewards their customers with coupons which offer reductions or chances to win important prizes. 

Starting from the original “Quality Is Our Recipe” slogan, continuing with the famous “Where is the beef” or “You’re Wendy’s Kind of People”, until the present “You know when it’s real”, Wendy’s kept showing the fast food lovers everywhere it’s commitment for quality, cleanliness, and improvement. A lot of Wendy`s coupons are available on the internet too. The growing expansion of the Wendy’s franchise, climbed Wendy’s on the third place worldwide among hamburger fast food chains with about 6.650 locations opened until March 2010. While almost 77% of Wendy’s restaurants are franchised, employing over 46.000 people and leaving decorations and pricing to the individual owners, Wendy’s headquarters in Dublin, Ohio (moved from Columbus in January 2006) still sets the standards for exterior appearance, menu, and most important of all food quality.

Source by Tuscun MeYau