Use Google Profiles For Some Free SEO Juice

Here’s a great way of getting some personal branding along with some free inbound links…Think of it as a “free gift” from Google itself.

If you didn’t know already, Google has a service called “Google Profiles” which allows folks to more easily search for you and find out more about you.

It takes literally a few minutes to setup and is completely free.  Google is integrating this into more and more services like Google Reader and Google Maps.

Now, from a SEO perspective you should also care because of two reasons:

  1. Profile shows up when folks search for your name
  2. Potential backlinks

Let me explain.  When I filled out my profile and submitted, my profile showed up on Google search result for my name, “raymond fong”, literally 2 minutes later.

So if you are concerned about branding (and you should be), this is just another social media profile that you can add to your arsenal for blanketing the search engines with the mediums YOU control.

Also, in the profile itself, you have spots where you can put in links on your profile.

These links are NOT “nofollow” which means they help add some SEO juice to the websites you point them to (so be sure to use relevant anchor text).  Now granted the profiles don’t have that much pagerank (yet)…But it doesn’t hurt eh?  

So, go ahead and take 5 minutes out of your day and go setup your Google Profile.  Trust me, it’s a piece of cake 🙂

P.S. When filling in your URLs, don’t forget to use some deep links and to use good anchor text!

Source by Raymond Fong