Traditional Franchise Model Versus New Internet Business Model

If you have been considering starting up a franchise, you should know before hand what you are getting in to. When you compare the investment,time, return on investment, and overhead of the traditional franchise business model to the new Internet business model… The results are astounding!

The average franchise start up fee is somewhere between $250,000 to $2.5 Million. If that doesn’t take your breath away, maybe this will. It will on the average, take approximately five years before you even begin to make any profit. Not to mention that your return on investment during those five years in about 15 percent or less. The average business owner will put in somewhere between sixty to eighty hours a week and that doesn’t include weekends. By the time you hire your employees, purchase inventory, build or rent, pay taxes and insurance, you have coughed up some serious money. None of that by the way was included in your start up fee. So much time, effort and cost, just to own your own business.

The truth is that the Internet has emerged as on of the most powerful means of personalizing your income and owning your own business. There are endless stories of franchise owners, real estate brokers, and even doctors, who are selling their businesses and practices and harnessing this remarkable

The average Home Based Business start up cost is somewhere between $300 to $2,000. Most Home Business owners will make a full return on their investment within two to three months if not quicker. The profit margins are through the roof and you have kept that minimum $250,000 start up in your pocket. Most Home Business owners will only put in an eight hour day, not to mention that you have the freedom to work where you want when you want. With no inventory, payroll, insurance, and overhead, you have saved yourself thousands and are miles ahead on the road to success

Source by Kevin Millstid