Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing Legitimate Home Business Opportunity

Summary: As you continue searching for a legitimate home business opportunity, it’s easy to get confused. Save time and money and avoid these 5 common mistakes.


Lots of aspiring home business owners scour the internet looking for the perfect product to distribute. They endlessly assess opportunity after opportunity looking for the breakthrough formula, the hottest ingredient, or the secret weapon that will make the product irresistible.

Don’t get me wrong, quality matters. But if the product was the most important thing, then the company would have a robots distribute them rather than people.

A good product is only one ingredient in the success formula.


Since products don’t distribute themselves, the extent and the quality of the training is key to your long-term success. From setting up business systems to understanding the fundamentals of marketing, the quality and extent of your training will be an invaluable asset that you can always leverage. Poor training will create poor results-and no profit.

Ever notice wonder how a successful home business owner can leave one company, join another and become a top producer all over again? The secret is that they have been trained to produce and reproduce results, no matter the product.

High-quality training will allow you to produce outstanding results that you can duplicate in any endeavor.


If you shop for a business based on price and ignore the value of the opportunity being offered, you will get stuck.

Top producers first and foremost focus the value of what’s being offered. That’s how they select which opportunity to invest in. Top producers understand that value is the measure of the benefit being delivered, and that’s how they evaluate the return on their investment. If a top producer recognizes that the opportunity has value, they will happily pay any price. Why? They have a clear understanding that what an opportunity costs is not nearly as important as the return on the investment and the benefit to them.

Top producers evaluate everything in terms of value.


Selling is an art that very few individuals ever truly master. It can be done, but it is not a simple matter of walking up to someone and asking if they want to buy. Traditional “pressing the flesh” selling is inefficient for most newbies because it requires you to personally present the opportunity.

Marketing, on the other hand, is a set of skills that can be learned and implemented by almost anyone. Marketing puts you in control and enables you to attract leads and customers to your opportunity without high-pressure tactics that everyone hates.

Winners market opportunities and never sell anyone on anything. Ever.


Without the right mindset, neither great products nor infinite leads will create the success you desire. Your thoughts about everything-from your opportunity to yourself–are your single greatest asset in this industry.

Cultivate a winning mindset.

Source by Jennifer Baszile