Top 3 Dealer Tricks You Would Not Like to Meet With

Bait and Switch

The old Bait and Switch is always there to help the scammers deceive car buyers. The scam works really easily; the dealer advertises a specific vehicle at a price that every buyer dreams about. Then, after the buyer is at the dealership, he/she is told that the advertised vehicle has been sold already.

Then the dealer will push another vehicle with a higher price. In most of the cases, it works and the potential buyer agrees to buy another car at a higher price. As you might have already guessed, the cheaper vehicle does not even exist. The dealers use the illusion of it to just cheat unsuspecting car shoppers.

The whole idea of the Bait and Switch scam is to lure the buyer and to bring them to the dealership.

To avoid this scam, you should make a call to the dealership 15 minutes prior to visiting it. Call them and see whether they still got the car or not. You can even record the conversation to have evidence of their confirmation in case you need to file a claim against them.

Contract Mistakes

Contract mistakes are rarely made unintentionally. That’s the reason why they are so common in vehicle purchase agreements. The salespeople can play with the numbers by adding a few numbers to either the purchase price or the down payment.

One important thing here to help you avoid contract mistakes is to actually READ the contract. You do not want to be scammed, right? Then why not give some 10-15 minutes to read what is written? Also, make sure you do not skim the contract quickly; read it thoroughly and carefully instead. Also, make sure to ask for copies of whatever you are going to sign.

Title Washing

It’s no surprise that vehicles can be flooded or can undergo some serious damage. As a result, they get a “salvage title” which means that they might be dangerous to drive.

If a dealer sells you a Salvage title car without letting you know about its past life, then, most probably, you are in a trap. This is title washing and the only thing you can do to avoid it is using either Autocheck or CarFax to see what past life the car has. In other words, never buy a car without doing your own research. Do not rely on what the dealer tells you, rely more on the information you gathered independently.

Source by Anna Aria Guevara