Three Themed Ringtones You Must Have a Look At

Ringtones have long been the favorite of mobile phone owners who like to personalize their phones. Just a few years ago people did not have much of a choice when it came to cell personalization, but today there are a lot of choices anyway. One can choose between true tone, polyphonic ringtones and other kinds of ringtones. Here are three kinds of ringtones that you must have a look at if you are planning to change your ringtone or buy a new one.

Movie themed ringtones:

With movies becoming big budget franchises, there are several spin offs and tie-ins that make movie based mobile media, like ringtones, themes, etc. possible. Whether you are a fan of an old classic or just found some movie music that was particularly fantastic, you can easily find these music files and download on your device and use them as a ringtone. Movie themed ringtones are dialogues from the movies, or background music, or even soundtracks.

Sports Based ringtones:

Whether you like professional wrestling, football or cricket, you will find some ringtones that are created either as game theme songs or even the entrance song of a particular person, like The Undertaker’s entrance song being made into a mobile ringtone. Also, there are several music themes that are launched during any global phenomena like the football world cup, or a big basketball game, etc. If you are interested in sports and like to change ring tones, you should definitely have a look at the sports based ringtones.

Music Ringtones:

With the latest technology, you can have a chunk of your favorite music video as a ringtone; you just need to know where to look. Almost every song or album is converted into mobile ringtones. There are several websites that offer these kinds of mobile ringtones. You can get ringtones that come under all categories, from pop music to jazz, rock music to hip hop, etc.

Buying music ringtones is easy, even if you buy a music album, you can nowadays get information about where to call to get the music ringtones. Also, there are several websites that offer ringtones of all kinds. However, you would need to check out whether the ringtones are compatible with your handset. If a particular ringtone is not compatible with your handset, the websites generally provide you with a alternate file type.

Source by Roy Daniel Dsilva