The Ryan Braun Situation

MLB has suspended Ryan Braun for the rest of the season, which amounts to 65 games. Hopefully, this will end of the circus surrounding Braun. From the time it was leaked until now it has been a complete farce. He may very well have taken PEDs (I know there are many who know that he has). And if so, he is being punished accordingly.

I have my reasons for saying “if.” First of all, he has only failed one test. That just happens to be the one time that the proper procedures were not followed and the chain of custody was not completed properly. That raised enough doubt for him to win his appeal. I know that he got off on a technicality, but there is a reason that the technicality exists.

Accepting the suspension now makes sense whether or not he actually did use PEDs. Obviously, if he did use, then he needs to be suspended. I still think that his suspension should be 50 games for a first offense. But 65 games is better than the 100 that MLB was looking for.

If he did not use PEDs, accepting the 65 games still makes sense. Let’s pretend that the way the courier handled the sample caused a false positive. I have no idea how these tests work and if it is even possible for that to happen. But, for the sake of argument, let’s say that it could happen and it did. Now we have a situation where a clean player looks dirty because of a false positive. And on top of that, these results were not supposed to be made public until after the appeal. At this point, it doesn’t matter if he did it or not. He has been tried and convicted in the media and public opinion. If Braun does not accept the suspension, he would have to go through the appeals process again, going through yet another off-season of speculation. If he did get cleared again, what would stop MLB from trying something else?

Either way, this is the best solution. If he did it, MLB is punishing him for it. If he did not do it, he is stopping the circus before it goes any further. As a Brewer fan, I am hoping that we will not have this hanging over spring training again. He will spend the rest of his career facing fans who believe that he is a cheater, but as long as he does not fail another test, he should be allowed to play.

Source by David J Weller