The Lonesome Wild-West, A Book Review

The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance at the local coffee shop nearby. They were reading a book, and stopped to look out the window, and we began the subtleties, “nice weather,” etc. I asked if that was a good book and they held it up and said; “it’s okay, but I like Westerns, I thought I’d try this out, but if it doesn’t get better soon, I am going to chuck it,” and then they asked me if I knew of any good Westerns. “Yes, I do as a matter of fact,” so, I made a suggestion. Let’s talk as maybe you too might like to hear of this?

One of the best Western Books I’ve ever read, and one I’d very much recommend to you is a long read, nearly a week in your spare time, and well worthy of your attention, it’s a lot like reading Gone With the Wind, so you might think that it’s 850 plus pages makes for a real ass-flatener, you’d be mistaken to judge it as such. This is a book I do own and it sits upon my bookshelf as proof of my love of history and our Western US cultural ancestry. The name of the book is:

“Lonesome Dove: A Novel” by Larry McMurtry, Simon and Schuster Publishers, New York, NY, 2010, 864 pages, ISBN: 978-1439195260.

Much like Gone With the Wind, you could classify this as a love story, so not only does it share the long length, you might like that angle. It is of course also an adventure taking place on the untamed landscape of the frontier of the time. This book is often considered a Western Classic, and it is well labeled as such. This is a book in a series, and the name of the book is also the name of small town, if you can call it that by today’s standards where the tale takes place. It’s dusty, windy, and harsh, a place where the weak won’t well survive.

This old Western Town has all the right features of a Western setting; the saloon, prostitutes, rustlers, ranchers, settlers, Indians, criminal elements, and sheriff. There is drama, passion, intrigue, honor, and criminality. As conflicts arise, and things get thick, you begin to understand the way of life in this version of the wild-West, along with a nice history lesson as you go, but you get to wait to see how everything is resolved in further books, which you will desire to read after finishing this one. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow