The International Network

Globalization and the increase in technology have given us what we want at our fingertips. Professionals have the ability to make phone call, send messages and travel almost at the speed of light. The best part of this phenomenon is that networkers can take advantage of these perks to build their connections internationally.

Individuals can develop their businesses through diversity and cultural awareness. They can prospect or reach out to international clients and expand their territories. In the case, the sky is the limit!

Listed below are ways in which savvy networkers can take an international spin on their business and social endeavors!

Foreign Counterparts

The next time you consider a networking event, attend a function which attracts an international crowd. Visit websites, contact bi-national chambers of commerce, international consulates and foreign groups. Request to be on their mailing list or join their social media pages. Attend events and engage with your foreign counterparts. Ask engaging questions and learn about their industry and their cultural norms. Follow up and seek out ways to do meaningful business!

On The Job

Meet with our boss or director and ask about opportunities within your company which can expose you to foreign relations. You can take it a step further and create opportunities for foreign exchange. Contact the human resource department and inquire about diversity and awareness training. Be consistent in your mission and focus on key aspects which can be beneficial to you and your organization. You will be surprised in the abundance of opportunity which can be available.

Melting Pot

As you continue to develop and strengthen your international ties, choose a variety of functions to connect with your foreign counterparts. Do not limit your activities to just business opportunities. Celebrate in major holidays and festivals and cultural events. Go to after hour cocktails and dinner parties. Show an appreciation for all aspects of culture, entertainment and arts. This is an excellent way to broaden your scope and perspectives.

Source by Chi Chi Okezie