The History of Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers Jerseys

Houston Rockets

The Rockets began to play in the NBA representing San Diego during the 1967-68 season with their nickname reflecting itself as “a city of motion”. In 1971, the franchise was bought and was moved to Houston becoming the first NBA team in the state of Texas. One of its most sensational players is Yao Ming, a Chinese athlete who, at 7 feet 6 inches, is the tallest NBA player at present.

The team, in its early years, was famous in their red and gold color combo. The Rockets made a major change to their color scheme following the 1994-95 Championship season where the team switched their colors to red and blue and added pinstripes to their uniforms. Then, Houston dropped blue from the team’s official colors and redesigned its uniforms. They wore again white at home games and red on the road accompanied by their new logo, a red “R” taking off like a Rocket with twin boosters.

Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers team is based in the state’s capital and largest city, Indianapolis, Indiana. It was named Indiana Pacers to signify their intention of setting their pace in basketball and due to the history of auto racing in Indiana.

In the early days, the team sported jerseys showcasing “Pacers” script with the defining line underneath extending from the “s”, to the strong team logo on the shorts and one solid line down the side. The team was also seen in navy blue top with striking gold trim.

In the ’80s, the Pacers sported a design in solid color with a large strip across the front with the team nickname. In the early 90’s the Pacers broke out into duds that seemed reminiscent of running a gear which was designed by Olympic sprinter Florence Griffith-Joyner. In 1999, they broke out their second road jersey in bright yellow with subtle “INDIANA” lettering across the front.

Today’s Pacers’ uniform is the usual white home uniform with navy blue and gold trim. Their road uniform is navy blue with gold trim. They also have a third uniform which is gold with navy blue trim. The team’s logo is a blue P with a yellow streaking basketball punctuating its hole, outlined in silver.

Source by Andreas Niklasson