The BIG Sales Talk

When my daughter, Charity, was little, she asked me – “Daddy, where do babies come from?” I knew I was in trouble, but I answered the question with a clear explanation she could relate to. Little did I realize that years and years later a similar question would come from her about sales when she asked me – “Daddy, where do sales come from?” I should tell you that my little girl has grown up and she sells wine and beverages in Texas. I answered her question using the selling process as my foundation in ways she could relate to. Here are the key points of our discussion.

Systematic Follow-up Generates Sales

Honey, I said, “a sale comes from systematic follow-up on every sales opportunity that comes your way.” I wanted to make sure she understood the power of a complete sales system and how a systematic approach to selling is something that cannot be under estimated. We talked about how as a business grows, it will need a sales and marketing system that keeps track of and monitors all the sales opportunities, even the sales opportunities with prospects that might seem distant in the future.

It is the system that makes a difference and you must be tenacious about follow-up. I explained that customers will want you to communicate with them in different ways and so you must adapt to their preferences with a very flexible and versatile system of consistent communications. Your customers will want you to reach them by email, letters, telephone and some will want you to visit them in person. The important thing is to be systematic and unrelenting in you quest for sales.

Charity, I said, the ideal sales and marketing systems will allow you to track and monitor the customer response rates. Measuring response rates is important, because you can’t manage what you can’t measure. It is also critical that you personalize your communications so you reach contacts on a personal level. In today’s world of technology and communications, creating a personal relationship isn’t easy. One key to success is embracing technology to maximize your time and personalize everything you can to create a brand for yourself. Sales automation will allow you to out smart and out wit your competition.

Build and Maintain Relationships to Duplicate Sales

As I spoke with my daughter, I had to stress that people buy from people they like and every business should build strong relationships with all prospects and customers. As a salesperson, you will need to duplicate yourself and your efforts with enthusiastic clients who proudly speak about your exceptional customer service. One of the best ways to duplicate business is to create an army of fans within the client base that consistently generates referrals so clients refer friends and associates. One of the key points about referrals is that you must ask for them and build a culture in your business that clients want to recommend you.

Follow the Selling Process like a Map to Success

Lastly, we talked about the selling process and how important it is to follow a consistent and systematic approach to sales. If my daughter can understand this principle and sharpen her personal sales skills she will truly understand where sales come from. We mapped out the selling process so she could see where and how sales are developed and how selling is a constant strategy process that can be duplicated and mapped out.

Sales come from a consistent and systematic approach of communicating with the right contacts, using relevant personal messages so contacts are influenced and motivated to do business with you, when they are ready to purchase.

Source by Steve Martinez