The BEST 3 Business Opportunities For 2013 (Fast, Fun and Mostly FREE!)

What is the best way to make real money from home next year? Is affiliate marketing still a viable, and valuable way to build a 6 figure business online… without having much of a budget going in? Or, is online marketing and home based business finally “dead”? Should I throw in the towel completely and give up… or should I DOUBLE down this year and REALLY make an effort? Any of these questions sound familiar?

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what I believe are the 3 BEST income opportunities for home based, and online entrepreneurs in 2013 and beyond… and why I truly think that anyone with a little bit of ambition CAN make major momentum in either (or all) of the 3, if you are serious about success. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

#1: Start a Home Based Coaching Business

The BIG secret in the online marketing “space” is that the REAL money is in coaching, consulting, teaching, training and MENTORING people… longer term. Sure, there are a few people with HUGE lists who earn 7 figures selling information products every year… but that number is going down dramatically every year, and it’s harder and harder to earn a full time income with ebooks, DVD’s, and that sort of business model, especially if you don’t start with a list of a zillion people.

The REAL money is in coaching, and continuity… and helping people achieve their dreams in ANY endeavor or area that you have expertise. For example, in 2012, the International Coaching Federation said that the AVERAGE hourly income for a business coach was OVER $300 an hour. That’s great money for most… and if you are truly doing something you love (working with people on a one on one basis) it’s a great way of parlaying your PASSION and sense of purpose into profit. (remember, you can coach people in ANYTHING – it doesn’t’ have to be business, “general” life coaches average $160 an hour as well, according to the same survey, and they were the LOWEST on the list)

#2: Start a Credit Repair Business

As the economy improves month to month, more and more people whose credit has suffered over the last few years are getting BACK on track, and now need to “fix” and remedy the ominous ghost of their bad credit recent past. This is such an amazing opportunity, and while this industry has a little bit of a bad rap due to some bad apples, there are literally TENS of millions of people who need help with their credit, right now… and many of them are actively seeking out professional help on a daily basis.

To go from Zero to a 6 figure income in the credit repair service industry is NOT difficult, and you can quite literally charge very affordable rates, and have an avalanche of clients in a very short time… and can be operated from any city or town, no matter how big or small, anywhere in the US. (although for international readers… it’s unfortunately not as good opportunity for you)

#3: Start an Online Marketing AGENCY from Home

Selling services to small businesses who NEED to build their online presence is the absolute #1 way to build a viable, valuable and enduring business you can find… PERIOD. Every entrepreneur NEEDS online brand building if they want to compete, and yet… so few of them have one that works at all. You can write articles, list build, blog build, do strategy coaching and consulting, create social media campaigns, do SEO work, create content marketing campaigns, write email follow ups for relationship marketing work, do copywriting, ghost writing, classified ad posting, and far too many other ideas to list.

The truth is, if you want to build a REAL business from home in 2013… this may be your best option for turning everything you’ve learned to far online, into an engaging, easy and lucrative agency style service that not only makes you LOTS of money, but that’s a whole lot of fun to boot!

Source by Ian Hollander