Stay at Home Fathers Keep Their Sense of Worth by Discovering How to Work From Home

The idea of remaining the breadwinner may make some fathers hesitant to leave their jobs to become stay-at-home dads. They may have heard horror stories of fathers who are consumed with chores and the care of their children and who have abandoned adult interaction altogether. Sometimes they worry about their wives’ or other people’s perception of their decision to stay home with the children.

While some situations will allow for a clear division of labor – one spouse works while the other runs the household- financial strain can cause undo guilt for stay-at-home dads. They have been trained to be the providers and when they cannot do so, they can lose their sense of their own value and identity.

In this case, making the transition from a stay-at-home dad to a work-from-home dad can be just what the doctor prescribed. Starting a home-based business can quell some of the fears of becoming a hermit and help restore the confidence in one’s abilities.

If you’re a stay-at-home dad you may have some preconceived notions about the traditional home-business ideas geared toward women. When you think of mothers who work successfully from home you might envision Passion parties and Avon sales. You might shudder to think you could end up peddling Tupperware at all-women brunches or with playdate partners. Fortunately, there are other options for you.

Nowadays you can do everything online. You may think internet opportunities are all scams and pyramid gimmicks, but there are plenty of legitimate paths and even ways for you to create your own business from scratch. Plus, there is ample information on how to work from home. If you don’t have the capital to create your own business, you could offer support services to another business, buy into a franchise or work as an independent contractor or sales rep. The industry or category of your previous job title doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you size up your prospects and do your research before jumping in to the arena.

There is something to fit every area of interest and expertise. A truck driver who now works from home might become a freight brokerage agent. A former professor could become a consultant or an author. A businessman might try his hand at affiliate marketing. Typically, it is best to draw from your strengths to give you head start, but it’s not required. It could be that you want to move in a different direction completely. You might try auctioning items on e-Bay or steering traffic to particular Web sites. There are many opportunities that require no experience whatsoever.

That is not to say that it will be easy. Much of the process requires planning, patience and perseverance. Assess your particular situation. Are the kids at school all day? Are you free to do business outside of the home? How much capital do you have capital to invest in starting your home-based business? How much space and equipment do you already have? Who do you know that may be able to give you support or pointers on how to work from home? Do your research. If the shoe fits, go for it. You deserve a life too.

Source by Elisee M. Verrier