Some Online Home Business Opportunities in Network Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular home business model today is internet affiliate marketing. There are various reasons for the proliferation of this business model,chief among them being the ease and low cost of entry. Big marketing companies such Clickbank, PayDotcom and SFI are classic success examples of such online ventures.This article will examine some of such internet home business opportunities.

1. The most popular way is to sell products for affiliate merchants. You can find programs to join for free in virtually every category and niche market you can think of.Some people prefer to sell information products in a digital format such as you can find in the ClickBank affiliate program. You can also sell physical products and you do not have to collect money or actually ship the product because the merchant does that for you.

2. Some people earn big money with cost per action programs which have become very popular and lucrative. In this type of affiliate marketing you make money when your website visitor performs a specific action. This could be something as simple as downloading software or filling out a short form. You see leads forms that need to be filled out of people’s websites and these are often pay per lead programs. You earn the money whenever your website visitor completes the short form which could be something as simple as getting a name and email address

3. Pay per click affiliate programs require no selling or money and you earn money when your visitor clicks on an ad provided by the affiliate merchant. Google AdSense is the world’s largest affiliate program and pays out hundreds of millions of dollars this way. Some affiliate marketers will start their own blog at to get approved for the Google program faster. Google owns Blogger and wants their ads on your blog.

The key to making money with PPC affiliate programs is developing a lot of pages with ads on them. In most cases the volumes determines the results.

4. Join a multilevel network program and from your sales as well as sales of your downline. If you like working with people this is a good way to make money as you teach them to do what you are already doing. The affiliate marketing model allows you to earn in multiple ways and this makes it very attractive to start.

These are 4 internet home business opportunities in affiliate marketing. Many marketers choose to be involved in one or more of these ways to supplement or create full time incomes.

Source by Charles T Chege