SISEL International Products, Business and Network Marketing Opportunity

Network Marketing Opportunities with SISEL International

As network marketing leaders join the Mower Mission with SISEL more and more people looking for network marketing opportunities pay attention. What SISEL has to offers unique to any other network marketing opportunity in the industry.

Sisel International is the largest research & development, nutraceutical & personal care product manufacturing company in the world.

SISEL products are 100% toxin free, scientifically researched & efficacious; helping people live healthier lives with zero negative impact on the environment.

SISEL has their own team of the world’s leading biochemists who research & formulate all Sisel products. Because SISEL manufactures their own products to GMP standards they have the ability to purchase the richest, most nutrient loaded, all natural ingredients found in the world, saving 400% in manufacturing costs. 90% of all product companies pay an outside source to “private label” their products. Due to this extra manufacturing cost, these companies use inferior formulas with synthetic (man-made) and highly toxic ingredients.

The Mower Mission Continues With SISEL

Owner and chief scientist, Tom Mower has dedicated his life to creating highly concentrated efficacious SISEL products with the power to repair, regenerate & renew health, while competitors “wave chicken over soup and call it chicken soup!” Tom Mower. Using little enough effective ingredient to state the name on the label.

SISEL – Set Apart From All Others

When a billion dollar, debt free manufacturing company with a full-time R&D staff, finds scientifically proven nutrients, they have the power and ability to make a very effective formula. Other companies hear “through the grapevine” about 1 ingredient from some far away rain forest that the natives have used for centuries, then they go on the hunt to find a manufacturer who will produce the most product for the least cost.

SISEL knows this process first hand because they too manufacture for 40 different competitors. When I first toured the facility and met Tom Mower, I thought this was a disadvantage until I realized the massive financial stability this gives SISEL International.

First of all the company is debt free and the competition pays the overhead for SISEL. How perfect is that & SISEL knows what the competition is up to, what play they are calling next, etc.

SISEL 100% Momentum

SISEL International continues the Mower Mission, making a positive impact on your personal environment as well as the Earth as a whole. If you are tired of being marketed to, do your due diligence and see for yourself what SISEL has to offer that 99% of competitors don’t. Tour the facility & let us introduce you to Tom Mower. From the nutritional supplements to the 100% toxin free mineral cosmetic line, SISEL products are as exceptional as the business opportunity. If you like what you have heard to this point I invite you to visit the website, convert your home to Sisel products and join a movement of conscious consumers who want 100% toxin free products that are safe and effective. If you are looking for a company to call home I want to say that with the current economy more companies are closing than expanding.

SISEL is growing, expanding, launching new products and countries every month! Tom Mower has been in this industry for 27 years. It took him 25 years to create his first billion dollar company; with this experience SISEL is on track to produce a billion twice as fast & we would be honored to introduce you to Tom & SISEL.

Source by Jack V Walker