Sales Tips and Philosophies That Apply to All Salesmen (Not Just Real Estate)

Everyone wants to be the Teacher

This is a very important concept and if used well, can get you good information and build rapport with your customer. For instance in qualifying a buyer, ask open ended questions about their job or the area they live in. Let them expound on their life. As to getting information-if you need technical data regarding building permits, etc, tell the person in authority (with the needed information) that you need their Help (this always works) and then let them teach you. It’s a great concept and it’s why we like to go on and on about what we know.

Who motivates the motivator?

At times it can get pretty lonely out there. Especially in this kind of work, where you have to be the energizing force or self-starter. One way to get help in this area is to have a good manager or coach and/or a mentor to help guide you through your career (especially in the beginning) Another way is to communicate with other successful agents in your area and at conventions or even e-mail (remember the first tip about being the teacher) Do seek out anyone that can help you and keep the faith. The reason 90% of the people don’t make a six-figure income is because they don’t want to do the work necessary to getting it. It seems that in life to make good money comes with a price, which is Hard Work-the only way to get past, that is to inherit or win a lot of money.

Don’t win the battle and lose the war!

Be careful of being right. Sometimes in order to make ourselves look good we try to prove a point that is better left alone. You may make your point and at the same time turn the customer completely off. When in doubt keep quiet-the truth is most people will know what they like when they see it. Ask their opinion and or answer questions but try to keep everything on a businesslike basis.

Don’t worry about the commission.

Don’t think about the commission, it is distracting and puts the wrong slant on things. Concentrate on really working hard for your customer and getting what they want. If you do this, they will recognize it and then if a sale is consummated, you’ll get your commission. One way to look at is the old cliché of don’t put the cart before the horse.

Continually ask yourself, why should they deal with you?

There are lots of REALTORS out there and so your customer can pick whom they want and in most cases if they are serious sellers or buyers a closing will be in the near future. So with that in mind, reflect on the question, why me? I suggest that you must have at least two quick and heartfelt answers to those questions. What I mean are two really true answers that you firmly believe in and know work. For example-you can honestly say that you rally are an authority on homes in that area-product knowledge. Also maybe you have ways to get people financed that really work. In conclusion you must truly feel that the customer is going to be benefited from dealing with you. Further that the benefits he or she will get are really meaningful to them. So, do some soul searching and ask yourself the hard questions.

Ask yourself, Would the competition think this was a good idea?

To keep things in perspective, the next time you come with an idea or plan for something, ask yourself that question. It may just highlight or point out if the idea really makes sense. I’m certainly not saying that everything has all been said or done, so please try to be innovative. On the balance of things if you have an idea that is new to you and will result in more completed sales/closings-then chances are it would be meaningful to other companies or REALTORS—so jump on it before someone else thinks of it.

Source by Dennis Handa