Royale Business Club – Review and How Will You Make Money With It

You will find in this article the truth if Royale Business is a scam and whether you can make money with this business opportunity. If you are a Royale Business Club affiliate, you are going to learn how to generate leads and prospects for your Royale Business using online marketing strategies. Read on and find out more about the “Royale Business Club Scam.”

Royale Business Club International as a Company

Royale Business Club International Incorporated or simply known as Royale Business Club was established in early 2006 by its founder, Mr. Ricardo S. Castañeda, a Filipino entrepreneur, 7 Eleven franchisee and owner of Laffline, Punchline and Metrobar Comedy Bars located in Manila. It is a 100% Filipino-owned company based in the Philippines. This company promotes health and wellness products, micro-businesses and food and non-food franchises, and business options for their members. Most of their health and wellness products can be purchased with up to a 50% discounted price when you become a member but what caught my attention is their food and non-food franchising. As of date, they have over 900 franchisees nationwide and growing. This alone has a potential to sponsor people who are not interested in network marketing but prefer traditional business.

In August of 2007, it has been made the official micro-franchise service provider of the National Reintegration Center for OFWs (NRCO), a branch of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) of the Philippines.That alone added up to the company’s credibility and set them apart from its competitors. It has branches all over the Philippines with its headquarters located in Quezon City.

Royale Business Club as a Business Opportunity

Royale Business has over 6 ways to earn if you become a member. To give you a basic idea, these are through direct selling, uni-level, franchising, becoming a mobile stockist, leveraging (e.g. team match sales bonus) and incentives(e.g. profit sharing program). To get more details, you can go to any of their branches near you, go to their official website or contact any Royale Business Club Int’l member you know.

Royale is a very awesome opportunity but you need to start getting distributors under you to profit from it, and this is where 97% of network marketers fail – they run out of leads and people to talk to to kickstart their business.

So to answer the question whether Royale is legit or a scam – it is 100% NOT A SCAM. It is mostly the people who fail miserably in the business who claim this company is a joke that only steal away people’s money.

How to Build Your Downlines

If you are a member, there is a better way for you to market your network marketing business that does not involve chasing people/prospects. It’s called attraction marketing. Promoting your MLM business comes down to how, who and where you’re marketing to…To give you a clearer picture, people don’t join the business, they join you. You have to understand that network marketing is a business of building relationships and the best way to build trust with your prospects and downlines is to become a person of value, someone people will look up to. In short, you have to become a leader. If you don’t have a leader mentality, you have to re-think about getting into network marketing.

I hope this Royale Business Club Scam Review has helped you clarify what this company offers and whether it is the right business for you. You have to understand that the company does not matter once you become a leader. Once you have mastered marketing, you can join any network marketing business that you want to and you can make money from it regardless of which company you’ve partnered with.

Source by Arvin Jay Basilio