Reliable Online Business Opportunities With Clock Radio CD Player Hidden Camera

In 2008, I signed up as a drop ship distributor of surveillance cameras and home security systems. To be honest, I was won over because there was no minimum order enforced.

One of my more memorable online business opportunities came that year in the form of a clock radio CD player hidden camera. Mostly, I was intending to sell covert cameras to inns and guest houses.

Most of those small-time operators could not afford anything so high-tech but I figured they would invest in a few spy cameras for their suites. A clock radio CD player hidden camera would fit right in those expensive rooms.

The device I sold in particular had dual alarm, wake up to a CD and buzzer capabilities. An uncle would have been my lead for online business opportunities like it because he owned a bed and breakfast.

One day, I get a call from my uncle to see him pronto. I find him with a stranger, who says to me that he had stayed at the B&B the night before. He asks if I was responsible for the clock radio CD player hidden camera in his room.

I give him a straight answer. He tells me he wants to buy that particular unit and several more for the casino hotel he owns. For all my years seizing online business opportunities, I do not even consider objecting.

He writes me a check and the deal is done. As he gets up to leave, I ask what he wants a used camera for. “Son, I paid you for what’s in it,” he says.

Source by Kimberly Iaquinto