Recruiters Needed Everywhere As The World Is About to Rebound

Could this be the quiet before the storm!

In downturns as you know we see the job market changing quite dramatically. Anyone facing redundancy especially anyone with a mature career may find it’s a harsh experience.

They may be thinking, “Will the next role, next team work well with me, will I enjoy the environment, enjoy the team, will I ever find suitable employment again?” When time passes, it can be quite stressful.

The uncertainty of what may come next, often candidates think it was easier to find work in their younger years.

Being a Recruitment Entrepreneur, I’ve built my career on working with candidates to get them represented in way that best suits their profile, their track record, their achievements.

Time spent on building a CV, highlighting specifics and detail not only creates efficiencies for hiring principals to read, it also highlights the important detail that hiring managers want to see.

For anyone in a situation where they’re facing redundancy it’s not too late and yes there is an abundance of opportunity in the market if you know where to look, what process to use to find it and how to approach the businesses.

All you need to do is improve your out of work experience.

Start with the basics, polish your CV, remove long winded sentences, get the point across! Shortlist businesses, discover the manager, figure out who’s on the team.

Very importantly try and quantify your impact!

By quantify I mean your commercial impact. Think about the size of your team, the amount of people that reported to you, the budget sizes, the percentage of growth you may have been either directly or indirectly responsible for.

Hiring principals look at the weight of your experience and how it will impact their financial goals!

There are also self employment opportunities but with the market being as large as it is, how can one tell what the right business opportunity will be.

The question I have is: Have you ever considered recruitment entrepreneurship?

My philosophy on employment is if you’ve been in a hiring capacity, if you’ve managed teams, you’ve been through interviews or you may have conducted interviews yourself to make hires.

You at some stage in your career may have worked with HR in some shape or form, you may have either written a job description, helped to write one or even created positions within your company.

Without realising it, at some stage in your career you will have been exposed to a form of Recruitment and therefore will have fundamental recruitment skills.

Skills like:

  • Understanding a job description
  • Conducting interviews
  • Reading CVs
  • Working with HR
  • Acting as or working with a hiring manager on your team
  • Worked with a recruiter in the past
  • Looking through job sites
  • Submitting your CV to a role

The recruitment process is basically a more elaborate version of the above. It’s simply working to master all the various recruitment procedures and then scaling them through people and growing teams to produce large accounts.

It’s a business you can operate online, all you need are the CRMs, recruitment software, interviewing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams plus marketing tools.

My company have produced recruitment franchise licence agreements where all the platforms, recruitment training and everything you’d need to succeed as a Recruitment Entrepreneur will be available to you.

It’s also something you could do as a sideline business or something full time or when there’s gaps in your career. The licences are also 5 years in length which means you’ll have enough time to figure it out.

If you’re considering options at this stage, you may find a recruitment franchise a possibility.

Source by Warren Drabble