Purchasing Trends of Tendering Departments

Departmental Requirements

The central & provincial governments comprise a wide range of ministries which look after many relevant departments, with even a wide range of purchasing requirements.

If you want to start tender business or want to expand your business or want to expand your existing tendering setup, it is very important to research and identify some specific departments and ensure to match your goods & services with the requirements of these departments.

Once you are confident that your products fulfill the requirements & specifications of the items demanded in the tender, you are in a position to invest your earnest money, and you will be able to execute the contract on time, if the tender is awarded to you, only then you should seriously consider about participating in the tender.

Purchasing trends

Whereas in the past suppliers may have sold specific products to the departments, these same departments may now buy these products as the part of a wider service. This may mean you have to market yourself to the main contractor instead of the department or possibly be prepared to initiate or enter joint ventures which can offer complete service solutions.

Similarly, as more government activities are outsourced, the relationships between purchasers & suppliers have become increasingly important. Government buyers are seeking reliable supply partnership, which can provide not only basic goods and service, but can add value to the process. Suppliers who can provide innovative and cost effective solutions to purchasing requirements are viewed far more favorably than those who simply supply goods & services.

For its part, the government is encouraging the departments to support “local” suppliers whenever possible if the quality of the goods is according to the specifications of the indent.

In the following pages we are providing a list of various departments of central and provincial governments. Please read carefully and select a few departments where you want to get enrolled as a registered contractor. You can also study the previous tenders already awarded to different contractors by these departments to gain an insight to what the departments actually needs and what are the usual terms and conditions for pre-qualification. In this way you can save a lot of time and you will only participate in those tenders which suits best to your firm.

Source by Dr Irfan Ahmad