Public Relations for a Local Maid Service

Maid Service Businesses often have a ton of referral and new business coming in all the time and yet many of these companies get a bad rap because they are believed to hire illegal aliens. In fact many do and this is why people believe that they all do. But what can a Maid Service do to promote positive community goodwill?

Well let me suggest that they join a neighborhood mobile watch patrol or a business watch program. Why you ask? Well it makes them part of the solution rather than being perceived as part of the problem. Besides if we look at the Maid Service Business Model it actually makes perfect sense;

LOCAL MAID SERVICES: These small businesses drive around and have scheduled routes for each day of the week. This program is something they will enjoy doing and they will be a very positive influence on the group. Most of these small business owners are very street smart and they know what is going on around town, who is doing what, and can easily spot out suspicious behavior down the street. They will feel very happy to added to your group and have lots of contacts around town.

Certainly you can see why this makes such a good fit for such a business type. And realize also for good public relations sometimes you simply have to think outside the box. A neighborhood mobile watch is a good way for a company like this to expand its community goodwill and over come any negative connotations. So, please consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow