Professional Strategies for an Executive Job Search Only Begins With a Professional Resume

Let’s face it, job searches are hard work. They require months, weeks, days, and hours and hours of careful strategic planning and execution. At the professional and executive level, you might have to make hundreds of contacts to find your next position.

Professionals who are single-minded in their job-search activities will reach that goal more quickly. A job search should be conducted as intensively, systematically and proficiently as any work project that you have ever managed. Just reading executive resume writer samples over and over again will not do the trick.

Unfortunately, high-level employees often use a scattergun approach to this all-important project. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Conduct your career search as if there were a promotion riding on it. You don’t want to just be an after interview status symbol.

How do executives get in their own way when looking for work?

• Don’t allow any of these ego-driven self-talk messages sidetrack you: “How dare they ignore my phone calls” or “Who do they think they are?” Don’t take any comments or feedback that you get from prospective employers personally. You know that you are a superior candidate, and that is all that matters.

• You’re a valuable, top-level team leader, and your team needs you. It’s easy to shunt job search activities off to the side, and to tell yourself that you’ll get to it…later. Falling victim to procrastination can yield nasty results, such as feeling resentful toward your current job and coworkers, or dwindling cash reserves if you are between jobs.

• Over-planning and not following through. Some executives are great strategic planners, but stop there. When it comes time to execute your plan, don’t drop the ball. Persevere with your goal clearly in sight until you triumph.

Her are some tips to accelerate your career search process:

Ensure that your job search is a priority by allotting an hour or two during the time of day when you are most alert.

Your first task should be targeting the exact position that you desire. What is your next logical career move? Hone in on that objective like a laser beam.

Remember that you are marketing yourself as you would a franchise. Be sure to brand “You, Inc.” as a complete product. Present only those skills that you are most excited about using, and that are relevant to each specific job. Creating a professional achievements resume is a good beginning, but that is all it is.

Use not only your current contact list, but put out feelers to friends of friends and colleagues of colleagues. It’s the perfect time to extend your network.

Muster all of your managerial skills to become master of any interview situation. It’s not necessary to overpower the hiring executive, but be sure that you are uber-prepared. Remember that your professional resume has already helped you convey your credentials. You are merely augmenting their knowledge of You, Inc. Think of the interview as a partnership, with each of you supporting the other in order to communicate a clear description of your achievements in a clear but not conceited way.

Keep in mind that the career search is about separating the wheat from the chaff. It can also involve being in the right place at the right time, which means that you must keep your energy high and your attitude positive.

Get started by learning what a professional resume looks like. But use that as your launch point. Give 110% to your job search, and you will be rewarded with a perfect fit.

Source by Paul A. Freiberger