Online Opportunities to Earn Money

So what are the best online opportunities to earn money? This is a question people are asking themselves more and more these days. In these depressed economic times more people than ever are looking for an additional income source. So where is the best place to look? I suppose you could get a second job trading hours for dollars, or you could start a business. There are pros and cons to both; like your valuable time for the job. So let’s focus on business today; OK? Starting an offline business is expensive with overhead like rent, employees and such.

That’s why I believe making money online is the business opportunity. Many people are already making money online; the Earth’s population is 6.6 Billion and 1.8 Billion are online! So do you see why I feel the internet is the best online opportunity to earn money? There are some ways to make money online that cost almost nothing. You can also spend money with some online business methods, but nothing close to a traditional business. Let’s look at some of the different methods to make money on the internet.

Different Ways to Make Money Online
There are many methods to earn money online. E-commerce, selling things, blogging with adds on your site. Start your own website, become an authority, brings in larger sums for ads, or learn how to promote someone else’s product or service. The later can earn commissions from 5-75%; this is called affiliate marketing.

A More In-depth Look at E-commerce
To make money with an E-commerce business you need a product or service. It can be something you have invented or just want to put up an item to auction on E-bay. You could also create an e-book, but where would you sell it? There are sites that help you do that like Clickbank. Lastly there are some MLM companies that have websites with goods and services on them.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Almost any site with goods and services, like ClickBank, has an affiliate program. For them it’s a no brainer. Let’s say an affiliate sends a person to their site and they buy something. This is a sale they wouldn’t make without the affiliate. Therefore they are willing to split the profits with you. Remember the 5-75% commission we mentioned earlier? Well this is where you could earn it.

Starting Your Own Website
Staring a website is not as easy as the other methods, because you need a certain amount of expertise and money. Most websites take the form of a blog. A good blog will have a following of people. It takes a while to be looked upon as an authority and have the trust of your followers. When this happens you can develop income streams from adds on your site like Google AdSense. If you find some relevant products you could sell them on your site as well. Amazon and E-Bay also have affiliate programs and you can promote their products on your site. The sign up process is relatively easy and it’s free.

So What’s Best For You?
Now you have some general knowledge of ways to make money online. Which one is best for you? That depends on your personal goals. Are you looking to make a little extra money or replace your income? These are decisions only you could know. If you just want to make a few bucks sell some stuff on eBay or Amazon, or write some articles on sites like Squidoo, Ezine and sell some relevant items on your site. I prefer to make some serious money and recommend affiliate marketing to accomplish this.

Why Affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing can be as simple as writing some articles or helping someone solve a problem. You then introduce them to a product that that can fill that need. You, the affiliate, get a commission if they purchase from your article. There are other strategies like Google AdWords also called PPC, pay per click. The cost you pay when someone clicks on your ad. This cost can vary from.01 to $5-10 a click. So you can see with this method you need to know what you’re doing. To be successful as an affiliate marketer you need to focus on one method and get good at it. My opinion is to succeed as an affiliate marketer you need mentoring and resources like you can find at Wealthy Affiliate. There are other sites and methods but why not learn from people that have already been there and done that?

The Only Sure Way To Fail Is To Do Nothing!
As the headline says doing nothing is the only sure way to fail. You have to take action to be successful. Now don’t get me wrong you won’t be successful just because you take action; but without action nothing happens. The trick is to learn what actions lead to revenue. That is why I personally like affiliate marketing. There are successful people willing to lend a hand. If you are interested in learning more I have a FREE offer in my bio for you.

Source by Len Lucas