Network Marketing Opportunity: Is Your MLM Just An Opportunity to Spin Your Wheels?

When you really look at it, for a full 90% of those who try an MLM or network marketing opportunity, it’s a lot like trying to drive through 2 feet of snow with bald tires.

Let’s see now, in order to succeed in MLM, I need to pick the perfect company with the product to die for and hook up with that special marketing team, a group of individuals who I’ll connect with and bond with and we’ll be so tight, it’ll be just like family…(We’ll have weenie roasts and do all kinds of crazy, fun stuff.) Reading all the testimonials I can see the juice is so, so juicy, and that multi-tiered binary pay plan is, of course the Best. And if you upgrade, for only $500 more (or is it $1,500?) You’ll share in our monthly bonus pool!” Izat cool er what?

Get All Your Systems and Software Lined up And You Are Ready To Roll

Don’t forget, you also need the special $49 a month “system”, and of course you have to add in the funded proposal, so you need to pay another $500 or so for the first 1000 piece mailing. You can become a magnetic marketer, or do you call it attraction marketing? Attraction marketing-Yes, this is the Key, definitely the key. And don’t forget to position yourself as a leader for an extra $29 a month.

Now doesn’t this seem like the perfect scenario? Yes, the absolute perfect MLM opportunity. The money is going to start rolling in and everything is going to be wonderful. But right about this time, coincidentally, the wheel spinning starts. In an industry with a 16% retention rate, here is a more likely scenario:

It’s Supposed To Be A Great Company… What’s Happening??

The more you find out about that perfect company, the more warts you see. Then, you go to the grocery store and there is that same juice, at least it has the same name. How am I gonna convince anyone my juice is worth 10 times that price? And my marketing team…? I haven’t heard from my sponsor since I signed up 3 weeks ago. I sent him 4 emails and no response. It’s the same guy with Facebook page covered with the ads “#1 MLM Opportunity of a Lifetime”. And I’m supposed to start inviting all my best friends to get on the conference calls..that’s gonna be total humiliation, and I’m not sure why my landing page isn’t working…oh jeez, here we go again…

Not to pour salt in the wounds here, but here is something else that is worth noting: These tool brokers want you to believe that you can’t succeed unless you load you up with all these systems and Must-Have software hogging the limelight. But here is the problem with all that:

Systems and Software Will Not Save A Poor MLM Choice.

After the sizzle and glitter of your templates and system subside, you are left with the focus on the MLM you have chosen. It should be able to hold up under the glare of center stage. Unfortunately, most of them wilt, for a variety of reasons:

It’s bad enough that the majority of MLM companies should but don’t carry “Buyer Beware” WARNING labels; then when it comes to sponsoring, it is almost a given that your sponsor, who is totally focused on recruiting, will disappear about 30 seconds after you have filled out the autoship form. First off, you might have joined the company in the heat of the moment, with the best of intentions, with a fondness, even passion for the product.

But it could be one of dozens of “me too” products. It may be just another company with just another product. The company may be a “mature company” so firmly clinging to it’s antiquated but mostly laughable pay plan that your efforts, no matter how earnest or noble will be doomed to failure before you are out of the starting gate. Your “Duplicatable System for Success” your sponsor emailed you is “Make a list of your 300 closest friends.” Then listen to the weekly conference call and hear the details on planning Recruiting Parties in your home. You actually recruited someone and received a check for $11.92 and it bounced.

Now Let’s See… This One Looks Good…

Now why is it, that when looking for the “right” MLM opportunity, you are more than likely to hook up with the wrong company, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons. Think about those trying to lure you into their MLM program. Most want dazzle you with their fantastic company. And many leap headfirst into what statistically is, the wrong decision; because, all too often, an opportunity is viewed through Rose Colored Glasses.

Example: A company with a familiar sounding name may sound like a safe bet. Unfortunately, a familiar name guarantees nothing. Some of the absolute worst MLM companies have very recognizable names. And if you really understand their pay plans and read their Policies and Procedures, you would not want to have anything to do with many of them. You can really get a heads up on Policies and Procedures if you keep reading, and visit my site below.

So what’s the answer? There is very little that sets most companies apart. Most recruiting techniques are centered around the pay plan, the great company leadership and the always excellent product. All too often, the image that is presented is a facade, an opportunity that often does not live up to their promise. If you have been involved in MLM programs, please, stop and think:

Success in MLM is usually an uphill battle, scratching out a piece of turf and clawing your way to the top. Unfortunately, the majority of those who take on the task, and even succeed, fail to do one preliminary task, which could come back to haunt them years later.

Policies and Procedures… I Heard of Them… What are They?

Has anyone ever encouraged you to read the Policies and Procedures? Usually accessible only AFTER you join, very few people read them, which is shocking since they are a LEGAL DOCUMENT which, oftentimes, binds you to some very unfavorable terms. In fact, some P and P’s state that they can cut you off and kick you out of the company for any reason or none.

If you buy a house or a car or sign any sort of contractual agreement, you wouldn’t do so without getting a copy of the agreement and going over it; at least understanding the major points. But the majority of those joining an MLM opportunity Never pay any attention to the P&P’s, a critical element that can undermine or void years of dedication and hard work.

Policies and Procedures reveal the true nature of a company (a fact usually denied and downplayed by the powers that be) and often contradicts their friendly face presented on the company website. For the real heads up on Policies and Procedures see my website below. By now you may be thinking, gee, this guy is all gloom and doom.

Consider this: Typically, the recruiting process focuses on how wonderful the opportunity is, how wonderful the company is and how wonderful the pay plan is. Rarely does anyone make an attempt to paint a realistic picture of what is going on in the industry. Obviously it would be self sabotage. My whole purpose here is to call your attention to the peculiar track record of MLM as a whole and let you know that I am not a part of MLM business as usual.

The MLM Program We All Have Been Waiting For…

Despair not. There is Hope. Whether you are an old pro who has seen it all, or a Newbie, just looking for a way to earn some extra money; if you have never been in network marketing or you have lost track of how many companies you have been in and out of, let me show you a Refreshing Change from the usual MLM con. Here is Your Network Marketing Opportunity.

There is a gentleman with a very successful 35 year track record in MLM who has decided to eliminate the traditional MLM potholes, dead ends, sleight-of -hand pay plans and gotchas. No playing games with balancing legs or qualifiers that materialize out of nowhere. No starter kits. No upsells. Everybody comes in and stays at the same modest amount.

The pay plan is like nothing you or I have ever seen before. It is designed so that Everybody who puts forth some effort can succeed. It is designed so that the person who has failed at every other MLM program will succeed at this one. Not only succeed, but thrive and become wealthy.

There is no making a list of your 300 closest friends. In fact, the number of people you can put into the program is relatively small. And they can’t just sign up. I had to get on a waiting list and wait for an opening. You would have to do the same. And there is Almost No Attrition. Once more: Almost No Attrition.

This program is so revolutionary, it is going to rock the foundation of traditional Network Marketing. (It’s about time.) Yes, this is too good to be true. And it’s also the opportunity of a lifetime. If you miss this, you may never again find anything close to it.

Source by Michael Kraft