Mr Sandless Franchise Review

These days, finding a business to start is not a difficult task. Nowadays, there are many companies offering their franchises in the market. If you are ready to invest a small amount to start your business, you can find numerous business opportunities. This Mr. Sandless Franchise review will definitely help you in getting relevant information as one of the alternatives you can choose. Mr. Sandless is engaged in refinishing wood floors.

Background: Mr. Sandless is a leading wood floor finisher in the world. This is one of the foremost business in this industry in North America. It was founded in 2004 and its main office is in Pennsylvania. It has 12 employees and 6 employees to handle franchise department. It started offering franchises in 2005. Now, it has more than 135 Mr. Sandless franchises in around eight countries. It provides quick wood refinishing services in just few hours. The revolutionary methods and techniques used by Mr.Sandless are not only safe for kids and pets but also are less expensive, and without irritating odors. The wood floor services provided by Mr. Sandless franchise are affordable, safe and fast. It has ranked with 162 by Franchise 500 and gained rank 38 as fastest growing franchise.

Benefits: Mr. Sandless is the largest company in offering wood flooring services. It has invented its own technologies for less expensive, odorless, safe and fast wood refinishing. As franchisee, you can use these techniques and procedures to operate your business successfully. There are many benefits of becoming a Mr. Sandless franchise. They are –

  • With small investments you can own your business with all support and help from the well-known name in the market.
  • It can be run from home and there is no need to spend much money for initial setups.
  • The company also offers master franchises outside Unites States and Canada.
  • It offers complete training and ongoing support through various methods like newsletters, meetings, internet etc.
  • It offers marketing support through internet.

Many of its franchisees own more than one unit. The franchise also allows absentee of ownership. With these features, the franchise is very beneficial alternative for many.

Investment: Mr. Sandless franchise fee is $15,000. Its royalty fee is 5%. The total investment ranges from $28,400 to $56,650. The term of agreement is for ten years and renewable. Cash liquidity requirements are $10,000. You can run Mr. Sandless Franchise with two employees. General business experience is enough to run the franchise.

Mr. Sandless is engaged in providing wood flooring services across United States, Canada and other eight countries. It has developed its techniques and procedures that are safe for kids and pets. In addition, their services are quick, without odor and affordable. All these features lead to great demand in wood flooring industry.

Source by Joshua Valentine