Mona Vie Review – Things That You Need to Consider Before You Decide

Mona Vie has been gaining popularity in the health and wellness industry. They present a good product and have a strong focus on their independent business opportunity that lets you make money working from home. No doubt you’ve heard about becoming a Mona Vie rep and you may be wondering if it is right for you. This Mona Vie review article is designed to help the reader get all the information they need in order to make an intelligent, well informed decision about taking the next step in creating their ideal lifestyle.

The Background

Mona Vie, which was founded in 2005 by one Dallin Larsen, markets a specific blend that uses the Brazilian Acai berry, a berry that is high in natural antioxidants. Believers in the healing powers of the Acai berry blend claim it cures ills such as aches and malnutrition, and that it will boost your immune system. Mona Vie sells for around 45 dollars a bottle; a month supply will cost approximately $180.

The Business

Mona Vie is similar to many other home business and network marketing opportunities. When you become an independent distributor, you have the opportunity to market the product, usually to your friends and family. You have to buy the products yourself in order to remain qualified, and then you turn around and sell them to your customers. You do have to buy a certain amount each month to qualify for the lowest prices. In order to make a significant income, you’ll need to be adding more and more customers each and every month.

What Success with Mona Vie Looks Like

To be truly successful, you’ll want to focus your time on finding and qualifying other distributors to work under you in your organization. Recognize also that duplication is the name of the game, and that they in turn also have to recruit people to work under them. This typically means that you’ll be putting in a great deal of time and energy finding, qualifying, recruiting, and training your people, in addition to looking after your own customers who said no thank you to the business opportunity.

In this type of company, typically 90% or more of the new recruits don’t stay with the company very long, likely because they don’t experience the success they’re after as quickly as they were expecting. In order for you to be successful, you’ll need to be great at training your people, or have a unique ability to find them faster than you lose them.

This Mona Vie review presents the fact that Mona Vie is a legitimate company and does have a quality product to sell. With the growing awareness of the power of antioxidants, there is a large market for these types of juices. Remember that there are several factors that contribute to your health, and unfortunately protecting against oxidative free radicals will not cure all of them. You’ll obviously also need to blend this product with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

In the home based business industry you’ll need to consider that there are other companies who are training people to create 6-figure incomes working from home 10-20 hour per week in as little as 90 days, leveraging the power of the internet with systems that are up to 97% automated. Consider your goals and how you truly want to invest your time and money. Then, find the right vehicle for you and your dreams.

Source by Rob Sinclair