Mobile Oil Change Business in the Bay Area – Does it Make Any Sense?

Due to the economy recovering or at least it appears that it might be, many are now considering it’s time to pull the trigger and start their own company. Many folks have been laid off long enough now that they’ve depleted their savings and resources. So, they’ll need to start a business that doesn’t cost a lot to get into. This is where a mobile service business can come in.

The entrepreneur can get a loan for a vehicle from a car dealership, buy some equipment on a lease, and get busy marketing to get customers. Not long ago, I was discussing this topic with an individual considering on starting a mobile oil change business and he stated;

“I’ve been thinking on and off for years about doing this [a mobile oil change company] and now I feel the need to seriously revisit this opportunity. I live in California, the San Francisco Bay Area and have been searching many companies, systems, and ideas.”

Specifically, he wants to know if this business will work good in the San Francisco area, and if he should go for it, what type of business equipment he will need, and any other important considerations. We discussed various potential vendors and business opportunities out there such as:

Lube N’ Go

Oil Butler

On Site oil and Lube

Sage Oil Vak.

Pit Stop Mobile Oil Change

Yes, those are all decent options, and should be studied with proper due diligence, and there is another option of course. What other option you ask? Well, I suppose you could build your own and do it that way. It’s important to carefully study all the options, which will get your mind thinking and make the questions you ask more targeted and thus, lower your learning curve quite a bit.

Now then, if you are really going to start a mobile oil change business then you should probably read some of my online articles on the topic. You can email me if you are interested and I will point you to the links. I have written 75 articles on the topic. Indeed, I think once you read them and create your business plan, then you can formulate what you need to start your business.

Okay so, when it comes to operating such a business in San Francisco, you should be servicing oil changes for fleets in South San Francisco too, or mostly cars in the city for the high-end market. Because the fleet side of the business is the best, of course you will have Chinese run companies on the fleet side and it can get rather competitive. But around SFO is also a ton of business too, and in Oakland etc. 50 mile radius is preferable for fleets.

Indeed, I sure hope this information assists you in building up your company and starting your own business. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow