Mint Condition Franchising Franchise Review

Commercial cleaning is a business, which is involved in cleaning services of homes, commercial buildings, offices and many other places. A cleaning business is an option, which is always a safe one even at the time of recession. This Mint Condition Franchising Inc. Franchise Review will help you decide whether it is the right opportunity for you.

Overview: Jack Saumby founded Mint Condition in 1987. He is the Chairman and President of the Board. He graduated in 1975 from Hobart College. He worked in outside sales for Honeywell after business graduate school. Later, he became a building maintenance partner in a company in Houston, Texas. Here, Jack learned the details about the cleaning business.

Jack moved to Charlotte with his wife Marcy in 1987. He then established a firm called Maintenance World, which is now known as Mint Condition Franchising Inc. Franchise. The Saumbys turned their small business into enterprise, which was highly respected with hard work, qualities and his commitment to his strong values. In a very short time, it grew and had over 120 employees.

Description of Mint Condition Operations: Cleaning services.

Franchising Since: 1996

Company Owned by Mint Condition: 1

Franchised Units: 60 in 2 states

Financing Provided: Yes

Training & Support Provided: Yes

Benefits: A Mint Condition Franchising Inc. Franchise can afford you with many benefits in commercial cleaning industry area. They are:

• You can obtain handsome returns on all your investments in the Mint Condition Franchise.

• Mint Condition Franchising Inc. Franchise business can assure you the security against recession. This is often called a recession-resistant industry. Maintaining a productive work environment as well as projecting ones professional image.

• If high cost of training, administering and hiring internal cleaning employees is your concern, then you do not have to worry. You can adapt more cost-effective methods by outsourcing this necessary service.

• The most important thing about this business is its affordable initial investment. You also get a very professional working environment as well as reasonable operation hours.

Start-up Fees and Franchise Cost:

Total Investment: $4,900-$45,400

Royalty Fee: 9%

Term of Agreement: 10 years

Initial Franchise Fee: $3,000-$22,000

Advertising Fee: Nil

Renewal Fee: 10% of current franchise fee

Training & Support Provided: Yes

Capital Requirements: $1,000-$20,900

Start-up cash required $4,384-$45,100

Mint Condition Franchising Inc. Franchise business opportunity-

There are many a reasons so as to why you should take up Mint Condition Franchising Inc. Franchise. They are-

• Mint Condition Franchising Inc. Franchise procedures and systems allow you to provide responsive, consistent and reliable service to their cleaning clients.

• Franchise owners are motivated, trained better and are made more competent which results in providing better service to clients.

These reasons show that making an investment in the Mint Condition Franchising Inc. Franchise commercial cleaning industry can be a sound decision.

Source by Joshua Valentine