Merry Maids Franchise Review

Merry Maids is home cleaning and maintenance company that began its journey in 1979 in Omaha, Nebraska. The company has demonstrated the home owners a dependable way of leaving the burden of home cleaning to get free time for other important works. Popularity of Merry Maids has helped the company to grow as a Pan American service company as well the one operating internationally. The company has its presence in the UK, Denmark, Hong Kong and Japan through franchisees.

Merry Maids services are efficient and affordable to a large number of homeowners who hate to see dirty homes, but have no time to clean. The company has concentrated its activities more in home cleaning segment. Dusting, vacuum cleaning, scrubbing and washing sound simple, but not as simple for the amount of labor and time required. If you have to do it all on a routine basis, you will have to sacrifice much of your activities scheduled for weekly off days and holidays. It is an experience to walk into the homes after Merry Maids has done the cleaning service, whether for sparkling bathrooms or the glittering washboard, sink and tiles in the kitchen without stubborn stains, also don’t miss seeing the clean floor edges and the corners.

Franchise Locations And Territorial Divisions

The Company has gone into tie up with ServiceMaster Quality Service Network. This network has other service companies operating on the franchise system for expanded market coverage. Merry Maids is offering franchisee business nationwide to cover a large number of areas that are still not represented. Of course, the company is always enthusiastic about expansion in the international markets.

Consideration of prospective customer base in every location is important to assess the scope of business. They have 3 types of market territories. Full-sized exclusive territories have a minimum number of 10,000 households. The medium size territories go for a minimum of 5,000 homes and small size territories are those having 5,000 or fewer number of homes.

Merry Maids’ Support To The Franchisees

The Company has successfully worked its way to create a brand image. Merry Maids is now a dependable and sought after name for the home cleaning job. For business promotion, the company has been exercising particular care to maintain a very strong public relation. The ad supports come from ads in national media like TV and radio to generate demand and enquiries. The company also releases ads on the internet.

The franchisees get direct support from the company through toll-free phone, meetings, newsletters and operational evaluation programs.

Merry Maids offers initial training to the franchisee at the headquarters for 8 days. Also, they provide on the spot training at franchise locations whenever necessary. They work out a lot of innovative ways to execute an effective job within the shortest possible time.

The Investment

It is a primarily a low investment business calling for total investment of $24, 750 to $59, 450 depending upon the size of a territory. Merry Maids offer a 5 year renewable contract with a franchise fees in the range of $21,000 – $31,000. They charge 5 to 7% royalty fees.

Source by Tim Bonderud