Medical Transcription Jobs – An Introduction

Medical Transcription has become an important option for those who would like to work from home. This is a promising option with minimal investment.

Medical transcription jobs are the ones where a doctor would communicate prescription, patient information etc through voice over an internet connection, which should be converted into text form. This term applies for certain other jobs as well. They include documentation of hospital data, system feeding patient information etc. However any job that involves conversion of voice to text data pertaining to medical field can be brought under medical transcription jobs.These jobs originated as a time saving option for doctors who would otherwise spend lot of precious time in writing or feeding patient information in a computer.

These jobs are generally outsourced from countries like USA, UK etc to developing countries like India, Romania etc. This saves a lot of money for hospitals and medical establishments which should otherwise have their own teams to carry on the tasks.

These jobs are generally home based. Individuals with adequate training can work as freelancers on this field. There are several certified courses and voice training centers to help home based freelancers.

While working as individuals these jobs require very less capital investment, brief training and less working hours. The pay for these jobs are good enough to meet living expenses. This can be suited to students, house wives, retired people looking for part time jobs to generate some living expenses.

Though one can get projects easily, a successful career in medical transcription requires a good quality of work.

Source by Kamalkk Kannan