Market Saturation and Brand Building

Is your company brand literally saturating your target markets? Is your company literally everywhere and on the lips of your customers, competition and vendors? Does your competitor sales teams compare themselves to you in sales calls? Well having been a Founder of a Franchise Company, we had saturated our target markets and yes our competitors always compared themselves to us and that actually helped us even more.

I call saturating your target market with your brand name; “The Power of Presence” and when you have that you will know it and so will everyone else for 100-miles in all directions. How do you get to such a saturation point, as the marketing experts often call it? They even write books about this stuff.

Well, you get there by carefully leveraging your marketing and advertising, promotion and public relations around a simple message and a consistent theme. Guess what? It does not cost as much as you might think and in fact you might be very surprised just how inexpensive it really is when you have developed the proper plan of attack in the ready room before launch of the mission.

Once you reach this saturation point, the customers and future customers will love you and the competition will despise and hate you? But that means you are doing it all right. You may even find your competitions best employees and team members try to cross over and come work for you. But hey that is a whole other subject. Patience Grasshopper. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow