Making Time For Your Part-Time Online Business

Many online marketers or online entrepreneurs started out part-time working on their new venture. They hold a full-time job to support them financially while working whenever they can on their online business. They invest from a couple of hours up to ten or fifteen hours per week. With perseverance and discipline, the commission checks slowly start to show bigger figures than the full-time paycheck. Making time for your part-time online business and working on it will make this happen.

Start by stating why you are looking to earn extra cash online. What are the real reasons that pushed you into this? Write them down and put them where you can see them. This step is crucial for your survival. Because when times get rough, when things don’t happen the way they should, when you’re discouraged or when you lack motivation, remind yourself of those reasons. They can be objectives as well, like staying home with my children or work less hours and earn a decent income. Whatever reasons they may be, they must be powerful and strong enough to get you going!

Make a schedule of your regular activities to find out how many hours of spare time you have in a given week. Pick some hours to work on your business. Also, name the activity you’ll be doing. For example: blogging, posting in forums, writing an article, adding content to your website, doing some research, etc.

Do not overload and burn yourself out! You may not be able to maintain your new lifestyle of holding a full-time job and working a part-time business. Allow yourself time to get used to this new responsibility.

If you don’t respect your schedule, your lack of discipline will cost you. You will not get the results expected and you will not achieve your goals. Even if you don’t feel like working on your business, remind yourself of your reasons. Look at the paper on which you’ve stated your motivations. And get to work!

If you want to relax and go on a weekend get-away or hang out with friends one evening, you should evaluate your progression first. One of the many benefits of being your own boss is that you can work whenever you want and take vacation whenever you want also! Ask yourself the following: are you satisfied with the way your project is going? If so, then you should reward and treat yourself to a nice time with loved ones. If not, set your priorities right: creating your own wealth or having fun? Remember that time does not wait for you and yet, you own your schedule. If you feel like it needs some adjustments, then you may review your schedule and make necessary changes.

If you’re a procrastinator, be a little more strict and severe with yourself. If you want your business to soar, you need to understand that actions bring results. If you don’t do anything, nothing is going to change or happen. Dedicate maybe one or two hours at a time. It doesn’t seem much but at least, you’ve done some work. The point is to work the amount of time that you’re comfortable with.

If you’re distracted while trying to work, take care of that. Keep your mind focus on your business. Lock yourself in the room. Sign out from your IM if you’re a big chatter. Let people around you know that you need concentration for an important project.

Be constant. Make it a habit to work on the internet. The same way it’s a habit to some to check their emails at a certain time every day, the same way you should be able to work on an activity when you’re supposed to according to your schedule. No more excuses. Just find a time to work on your online business and take actions. Make it happen!

Source by Molyda Yos