Mac’s Milk – Franchise Review

Mac’s Milk is a chain of convenience stores in Canada. It originally opened in 1961, in Ontario. In 1972, it was purchased by Silverwoods, and in 1975, it changed its name from Mac’s Milk to Mac’s Convenience. In 1992, it underwent a corporate restructuring, focusing on smaller and more profitable retail stores. It was acquired by Alimentation Couche-Tard in 1999, and is now the largest convenience store franchise in Canada, and the second largest in North America.

There are no new franchise opportunities at Mac’s Convenience. However, they are seeking business partners. This is a unique business partnership that provides all the benefits of the Banner & Affiliated franchise programs, plus extensive operational support.

It is not a franchise. Even so, an initial investment of about $30,000 is required to become a business partner. A credit check is also run on all potential business partners. There is something called the Daisy Mart system, which allows business partners to keep full control of the business and the product line. With this, there is strong brand loyalty and the benefits of a buying program. Included are valuable monthly rebates and support from operational experts. With Daisy Mart, the initial investment is around $150,000. To support new business partners, Mac’s Convenience offers business development courses, comprehensive training, the benefit of bulk-buying power, accounting and data processing, marketing and ongoing promotional support, career development, and security and robbery prevention systems. Training consists of five weeks of in-store training and one week of classroom time.

These stores are always located in high-traffic areas. However, the amount of profit a business partner can make is largely based upon their ability to drive sales, managing overhead costs, and other factors. For talented and determined business partners, there is the potential for good income. A good business partner will give back to the community, give their total commitment to the customers and the success of the store, always execute all promotions and programs, and show pride in their store.

Some very successful business owners even manage more than one store, after proving themselves capable and competent. The growth potential is enormous, as the brand is widely recognized and known for its quality and great customer service. It is recognized by its strong brands, which include Seattle’s Best coffee, and “flavor abundant” Frosters. Mac’s uses many partnerships to create convenient, centralized locations that serve the needs of the community. Each new location will either have a partnered food service attached, or a gas station. Mac’s is partners with Subway, Taco Del Mar, Quizno’s, Sarpino’s Pizza, A & W, and more. The type of food service that goes in each Mac’s location depends on the location and the demographics of the area around the location. With so many partnerships that are mutually beneficial, Mac’s is a quality franchise with huge growth potential.

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Most people are not aware that 80% of ALL franchise endeavors fail in the first two to five years leaving large debts looming for years thereafter.

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Source by Thomas E White