Legendary Marketer – Duplicate Dave Review

Legendary Marketer is an online business opportunity that’s very similar to an online franchise. The program was created in 2016 and is owned by former Empower Network co-owner Dave Sharpe.

When the program was first released in 2016 it was called Duplicate Dave. After a while the name was changed over to Legendary Marketer. I guess the name was changed in order to make the program appear more professional.

People who have little to no online marketing experience are attracted to programs like Duplicate Dave, now Legendary Marketer, because they really don’t have to do a lot of work.

In my personal opinion, I used to believe that the programs that say you don’t have to do any work were all scams. After a little more investigation I found that not to be the case. It’s not so much that you don’t have to do any work, but that you don’t have to worry about closing the sales, because there’s a team of people in place to do that on your behalf.

The major problem with online marketing and why so few people ever see any results is because they refuse to work on themselves.

Online Marketing is not something that you can go to learn in high school. Also, even though you can learn online marketing in a few college cirriculums around the country, online marketing is something that really can only be learned by “doing.”

Since there are so many different ways to market online, most people quickly find themselves in a state of overwhelm. So if you really want to learn how to make money online with programs like Legendary Marketer you really need to become a student of marketing in general.

What I’ve found is probably the biggest problem with people who want to market online is that they don’t focus on any one strategy long enough to ever become proficient at anything.

It’s sort of like placing a magnifying glass in the sun and pointing it at a piece of paper. If you take the magnifying glass out of the son every 10 seconds and then put it right back, you’ll never get enough energy to create a fire.

This is the same thing that happens to people with online marketing. They never focus long enough to create a “fire” in their business. Because of this, I personally recommend find a mentor if you’re looking to learn online marketing. It can potentially shave years off of your learning curve.

The Legendary Marketer system comes with a personal coach for all new members. That helps people to get a better feel for online marketing and gives them more courage in the overall concept of internet marketing.

When someone comes online and finds a program like Legendary Marketer, having an actual mentor gives them a much better shot of seeing success as an internet marketer.

Source by Rhandell Mitchell