Key Steps to Owning a Restaurant Franchise

For people considering buying a restaurant franchise there are a wide range of opportunities. The key steps towards owning a food franchise are as follows.


Before taking any other steps towards buying a food franchise it will be useful for you to first evaluate your skills and interests. You should ask yourself what it is that interests you about owning a food franchise and decide what type of restaurant you would like to manage. It is beneficial to consider your existing skills and judge how they will fit best in the available franchising opportunities. While running a restaurant franchise does have many advantages it can involve a lot of hard work and may not be suitable for everybody. At this stage it is also useful to look at your financial situation and set a budget for how much you can afford to invest.

Investigate Franchise Opportunities

In the UK there is a huge range of food franchises available to buy. Well known examples of restaurant franchises include wok2go, subway and perfect pizza. Having assessed your skills, interests and finances it should be possible to narrow down this choice into a selection of franchises that are suitable for you. With the choice narrowed down you should conduct more in depth research into each franchise.

Market Research

Having narrowed down the choice of franchises the next stage is to carry out some research in to the levels of demand for the franchise’s products and so likely profits. There are a number of things to consider here including location and amount of competition. It may be that a franchise’s products will be very popular in some locations but not so popular in other places. Also if there is a lot of competition in a particular area then it is likely that profits will be affected. Other factors to consider is demand for the product in the long term and if sales are seasonal or if demand will be constant throughout the year.

Secure Finance and Invest

Most franchises will require their franchisees to make quite a substantial initial investment and it is likely that many people buying a franchise will need to take out some kind of loan. Fortunately money lenders tend to view franchises quite favourable so obtaining finance may be easier than would be the case if starting another type of new business. Some franchisors will offer their own in-house financing. With the finance secured you are free to invest in your chosen franchise.

Attend Training and Set Up Business

Having made your investment the final step is to get your restaurant ready for business. Things you will need to do here include hiring staff, buying supplies and setting up your location. Many franchises offer training as part of the investment and so for many franchisees the first step after buying their franchise is to attend a training course. Typically this course will be designed to teach the franchisee everything they need to know to run the business successfully.

Source by Rich Bendall