Joshua Valentine Exposed – Is Joshua For Real? – The Truth Revealed – Classified Information

Joshua Valentine first and foremost is a proud Christian Man and a loving father.  Joshua has been married to Kelly for over 5 years now and have a little boy Ethan who is mini version of Joshua.  One day soon Ethan’s entrepreneurial side will catch up with his father’s as an internet marketing guru and we will all be blown away with what this little boy will do.

Joshua is a man with an open heart that cares deeply for all he comes in contact with.  I have known him since kindergarten and have been friends and business partners almost all our lives.  His passion for making money goes beyond that of the average person.  He has always proven time and time again that being your own boss is the only way to true financial freedom.

Business comes like second nature to him.  Born and raised into an entrepreneurial household Joshua has learned ever since we were kids how to be his own boss.  His father owns six franchise businesses in the local area.  All our lives we enjoyed the fruits of his father’s businesses as it was in the restaurant business.  The point is that Joshua has had an incredible role model to follow and learn the family business.  This is where Joshua really separates himself from everyone else.

Instead of continuing the family legacy, which he was well on his way with owning two franchises himself, he chose to give that up and focus on building his own empire for his family.  Big difference in business models.  The new businesses are all online based.  I remember when he first told me about his new online business.  I asked him to “show me the money”…so he did.

Ten months of receiving text messages detailing every penny he earned I finally had enough after the total he earned part time was over seventy thousand dollars.  Yes, that’s right, Joshua earned more part time than ninety percent of everyone else does working full time in corporate America.

Joshua Valentine is a true patriot with a servants heart.  His passion is in helping people become financially free via the internet and teaching them how to do it step by step.  I have chosen to learn from Joshua all that I can because his knowledge in internet marketing is now at the level of guru.  I remember just one short year ago he was asking me “how do I do internet marketing”?  One year later, completely self taught he has built an income part time in excess of one hundred thousand dollars which has given him and his family true financial freedom.

To learn more about Joshua Valentine and his multiple stream of income feel free to visit  You will be glad you did.  And for the record, I do not receive any compensation for sending you to his site.  I feel forever indebted to Joshua for introducing me to the world of internet marketing and teaching me how it is done so this is one small way I can give back to him.  Great luck to you reading this and I hope and pray that this finds you well.

Source by Ciro Gamino