International Business Setup – The New Talk of the Town

For ages people have wondered about owning a business in a country of their interest. This decision is backed by a lot of questions, like:

Which country to open a business in?

Which industry to choose?

What are the implications of setting up a business in these countries?

Is this the right thing to do?

what options do I have?

How soon can I open this?

Is it going to be profitable?

There are a lot of other questions which pop up in your head and you don’t have answers to them. The best way is to hire an agent or speak with a friend who knows. speaking with a friend will probably give you an insight and your friend might help you a bit with the process, but then again you need to consultant a professional to do the right thing. To follow the right procedure for opening your company/franchise etc.

The next question which comes out is how much will these agents charge you?

Is it going to be a fair price or are you going to get robbed?

Again you sit in a corner in a dilemma scratching your head thinking if this is going to over shoot your budget because these agents will grab all the opportunities to extract the that extra amount from your pocket.

This is the time when you need a real agent.

Ask these questions to your agent.

Why are you charging ‘X’ amount?

What all services are included in this?

What happens if the work is not done on time?

Will there be a compensation if there is a mistake that occurs on their part?

Do you need to run behind them or do they need to run behind you?

Well all these questions are simple but the last one though; differentiates them. An agent who makes you run behind them is not worth hanging on to. An agent who runs after you is a good bargain and this is where you will learn the customer service which is associated with the company or agents you will deal with.

Most of the times I have seen a lot of agents who will run around in the start just to grab your attention and they will also criticize the other agents saying; ” those agents do not know how to get the work done properly.” You like an innocent child believe this and follow them blindly and in-turn have the worst experience of your life.


You want to suffer or be victorious in your endeavor. The choice is yours. Try to meet them, allow them to give you all their details in writing. Try to get them make a contract with you for the services being offered by them. Throw in some of your points in the deal. Discuss the price before you start with them. Do not pay them more than the contract amount. Also do not pay them less than the contract amount. At the end of the day these small things will make your experience worth your time and money.

Source by Firoz Khan