How Women in Small Business Are Making a Difference

Times have certainly changed. If you look back to when your mom was a young girl, or even your grandmother, you surely know that they didn’t have half of the opportunities that we have. Their job options were extremely limited and the thought of starting up their own business probably never even crossed their minds. Now, women in small business are expanding into many different realms and making a huge difference in the economy, in their family’s lives, and in their own lives.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of being one of the many women in small business today is that you have the option of building your company around your family and your life. Men don’t generally have to do that – their jobs come first. But, as women, we need and want to make our job fit into the life that we already have, instead of allowing it to just get in the way.

Women in small business today are able to use technology to work from home, take care of the family, and be a provider at the same time. While doing that, they are continually to fulfill the dual role of mother and breadwinner, yet feeling a lot less guilty about it. When you are able to work at home, you don’t have to worry about your children missing out on quality time, and you know that they are always taken care of.

It might be a few more generations before true equality takes place both in the workplace and the household, but it is good to know that right now at least, there are a lot more options open to us. Whether you want to start your own business from home or take it out on the road, you will be doing your part to spur the economy while taking care of your family and your own needs, too.

Source by Carla Jiroux Kaplan