How To Select A Work From Home MLM Business Opportunity?

You are likely looking for a Work From Home MLM Business Opportunity you can get started with. You have to be careful though, as there are more than 4000 MLM companies out there. Just simply picking one without understanding what to look for would be like driving on a high traffic road with your eyes closed. Selecting a proper Home based business opportunity is key to your success in this business. Instead of giving you a list of MLM companies you should consider joining I would like to teach you how to scrutinize a home based business opportunity. Once you understand this information you won’t have any problems selecting a lucrative and reliable Network Marketing opportunity.

The Product of the Work From Home MLM Business Opportunity

In the work from home MLM business opportunity you get paid after the product sales volume you generate for the company. That’s why one of the most important criteria is the company’s product: the more people need the product the better. Tangible products are preferred: these are products with physical appearance. It could be touched, tasted…etc. Taking or using the product can induce some beneficial change to the body (it can be either physical or mental) therefore people can be emotionally attached to the brand. It can even be a product that prevents harm. The product must be highly consumable. This is the single and most important criterion: the more consumable the product is the more often will use it up and buy it again and you get paid.

A product with something unique feature, let’s say a product made of a special fruit that no one can get but your company. Just to make sure this is being said the work from home MLM business opportunity of your choice needs to sell a product that can’t be bought anywhere else. The company’s product should be something that people already have been spending money on and they will be (so it’s not something uncommon). This is to ensure that the product is in high demand recently. According to the above mentioned facts we can break it down to the possible product industries: household consumables (e.g.washing powder), personal care products (shower gel, shampoo, creams and lotions), nutritional supplements (health products like vitamins, super fruit juices).

Timing of the Work From Home MLM Business Opportunity

As a general principal the work from home MLM business opportunity must be at least 5 years old. Joining a start-up Network Marketing company can be a deadly move. Don’t join a company if it doesn’t do any good at present and don’t hope it’ll do better tomorrow. So let’s see this with numbers to help you decide easily. 200-500 million dollars annual sales volume is the best time to join as this Momentum phase.

However, don’t believe in nice presentations; especially when you hear the ground floor opportunity hype leave the place right then and there (every company claimed to be ground floor work from home MLM business opportunity, they try to express the big advantage and how lucky you are to get started with their business early on the ground floor as the huge growth is just about to come). The huge growth starts with the momentum phase and only the numbers can tell not the years. It does not really matter that the company is 2 years old but if they have 200-500 million dollars annual sales volume than that’s the right time to get associated with them. As well the company can be 10 years old and still has not yet experienced the momentum phase.

Other General Tips for Selecting Your Work From Home MLM Business Opportunity

Compare the age of the work from home MLM business opportunity with the number of existing distributors because that number will help you see an overall picture of the company. For example a 4 year old company with like 15 000 distributor is quite bad, but a 7 year old company with 1 million distributors is a great indicator. Once you got this number ask how many percentage of the distributor base actually making money as this will show you if the training system works or not.

Source by Steven Szabo