How to Make AI Art with AI Art Generator

Fotor AI art generator provides some free art filters, users can use free art filters to create high-quality artworks. Simply click the button “Make Art Photo Now”, upload your photo and choose an art filter to create your AI generated images.

Learn How To Make AI Art

  • Open/Install/Download Above Fotor website here
  • Click the button “Make AI Art Now” to turn to our photo editing page.
  • Click the “AI Art” in the tool menu on the left.
  • Then upload your photo by clicking “Upload image” or dragging it to our editing area.
  • Select “GoArt-NFT Creator” to open our AI art generator.
  • Browse our all artistic filters, and choose the one you like to apply to the photo.
  • Wait a few seconds. Our AI art generator will quickly render the art effect. You can also slide the intensity slider to adjust the final effect.
  • Click the “Download” button in the upper right corner to download your great work in the desired file format and size!

Or You can make Ai Art Photo with another apps below

>> Google Play Store <<

>> Apple App Store <<

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