How to Get Your Home-Based Business Online in 7 Days or Less, Part II

All home-based business owners want to be successful. They usually also want to promote their business online.

As it turns out, this does not have to be a difficult process. Here are the remaining steps to take in order to get a product or service online in 7 days or less.

Begin researching for advertising and other marketing opportunities. This is very important. Why? Because, bottom line, in the business world, the best marketer always wins. So, it’s extremely important that you have an outstanding advertising plan. Here are some of the options that you can include in your plan:

-Pay per-click search engines such as Google Adwords,, and others. With these search engines, you place an ad and then pay based on what you bid if someone clicks on it. Google AdWords is a good place to start.

-Ezines. An ezine is an email newsletter. It is important to advertise in those that are related to the topic of your home-based business. A good resource to use, for a fee, is the Directory of Ezines. This service makes the ezine selection process very easy. Of course, you can also go to Google and just type in a keyword for your business and then “ezine”. This also would get you a huge list for free. Ezine Universe is good as well.

-Discussion Boards and Forums. This is where people with like interests gather together and talk about them. If you go to and look unde the “groups” section, you will find tons of discussions. Also, if you type in “forum” in a search engine related to your keyword, you will find many results. Make sure, though, that when you post, that you don’t blatantly advertise. This will usually get you kicked out. You can create a signature file with your website and information so people can click if they choose.

Once you have your marketing plan underway, you can begin testing your site and making sure it works. Also, if you have products that need to be downloaded, make sure the downloading process is running smoothly as well.

You will also need to work on expanding your marketing as well as start testing and tweaking. Here are some ideas:

-Add an Affiliate Program

-Form a list of joint venture partners and begin to profit from them

-Search for linking partners

-Improve your Search Engine Optimization of your home-based business site

-Post Classified Ads with services such as and

Another method that you need to have in your aresenal to get your home-based business online in 7 days or less is to find sites that sell complementary products or services. Why? Because if they have an affiliate program, they might be interested in sending your offer to their list. This can be done by using the search engines. ALl the contact information should be on the site. If it is not there, you can always go to, and then type in the URL of the site which will give you contact information.

Last but not least, keep careful watch over your Google AdWords Campaign. You are looking for keywords that convert into sales. Google actually has a tracking code that you can put on your site that whill show you which keyword campaings convert to sales. If you see that your keywords aren’t converting, change them!

If done right to start with, getting your home-based business product or service online can not only be easy, but also a true wealth builder! Follow the steps above and be on your way to having a successful home-based business.

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins

Source by Monique Hawkins