How to Find the Best Christian Home Based Business

So you’ve been searching for a Christian home based business opportunity… WHAT should you be looking for?

With the myriad of home business opportunities out there … each one claiming to be the answer you have been looking for …. how do you know which one is the best Christian based home business for you? And if you’ve ever wanted to work from home, you know how desperately you want to believe all those promises of untold wealth just flooding into your bank account without you having to do one single thing to make it happen!

Well …… nice though that would be – it certainly isn’t the reality of the situation!! However, there ARE Christian home based businesses out there that are excellent and as we are very clearly called to rise above and out of the world’s system, a work from home business opportunity is often an answer to prayer – I know it certainly was for me!

So, what do you look for in a good Christian Home Based Business opportunity?

A good place to start would be prayer. Ask God for guidance, wisdom and direction – make Him your Controlling Business Partner – He will not let you down! 🙂

Right – here are 10 top things you should check out when looking for the best Christian home based business:-

1. Is the business legitimate? It really doesn’t need to be a Christian home based business as such – but it must be grounded in loyalty and integrity ……. all the way from the inside – out. Therefore, make sure you check it out thoroughly.

2. Are there actual products involved? If it is just passing on the business opportunity / gifting, don’t go anywhere near it. These businesses are considered illegal in most states and countries and are popularly known as pyramid schemes. Look for a REAL business – one which you will be proud to tell your friends and family about.

3. Are the products or services offered in demand? Most business cater to a very specific target audience – and thus do not work very well.

4. Are there any hidden costs? Be prepared to pay to join a good Christian based home business – it’s unrealistic to expect something for nothing – but do check if there are any hidden costs. Be sure you can afford the ongoing costs. These are not necessarily a bad thing – it costs to set up and run a business – but you need to take a responsible, informed approach.

5. What is your ROI (Return on Investment)? With some companies, the commissions are so tiny that you need to sell truck loads of products to earn anything near a decent income. Pick one where you actually stand to make some money! 🙂

6. Try and talk to someone within the business. Most home based businesses are online business opportunities and talking to someone is like trying to talk to the man in the moon!! Is it easy to talk to a real person within the business? What is their attitude? Run like mad if they try and talk you into anything. The primary duty of a company representative or anyone else within the business is to provide you with all the information you need so that you can make an informed decision.

7. Check out the available training and support – there should be tons and tons of this. It really doesn’t matter how good the company is – or how good the business is – you will almost certainly fall flat on your face if you do not have excellent training and support – specially in the early stages of your online Christian home based business opportunity journey.

8. Talk to your prospective sponsor. Most online home business opportunities, including Christian based home business opportunities work through you being sponsored into the business. Is your sponsor Christian? What is their primary motivation? (Absolutely nothing wrong with wanting big houses and cars, etc., – but do remember what the Bible says about being un-equally yoked – so check out their motives and try and get a feel for where their heart lies). Is he or she readily available? Do they provide training and support? What safety net is in place should your sponsor be ill, go on holiday, etc?

9. Choose the best sponsor for YOU . What do I mean by that? Well some sponsors advertise huge earnings, which is great …. but how does that help you? Don’t always assume they will pass that knowledge on to you – even if they say they will! Do the math – if they are as successful as they say they are, they are attracting many people each week. Do they physically have the time to provide you with the training and support they say they will? Do they have regular training calls where you know you can reach them every day?

10. Choose the best team for you. I have found that sponsors and teams have their own unique personality – find one that suits YOU , has the same values and principles as you and can work at a pace to suit you. Will your sponsor stick with you if you are an internet newbie? Or is the team full of people UNLIKE yourself? The best scenario is when there are a bunch of people of mixed abilities – all happy to work together, helping each other along to a single goal ….. and having fun along the way!

This may sound like a daunting list of do’s and don’ts – but let me assure you – find the right Christian home based business and you will be rewarded beyond anything you ever thought possible. I went from working 12 hour days and just getting by, to working in the comfort of my own home and earning more money than I have ever done, simply by applying the above check list! To say that my life has been changed would be the understatement of the year! So do your homework now, ask God to guide you and be prepared to think outside the box. A Christian home based business could be just what you need to be able to join me in saying, “Recession? What recession?!”

Source by Marion Herbertson