How Should You Set Up The Lobby of Your Oil Change Quick Lube Facility?

Let’s say you have an oil change quick lube business or you are trying to figure out how to set up your lobby, now most of the current businesses of this type have a counter, WiFi, and a large screen TV for customers to watch, also a couch, chairs, table, and a magazine rack, not too different than perhaps a hair salon, but what if you wanted to do something different, something new? Let’s discuss this for a moment.

You see, in a quick lube women customers are a large percentage of the business and they typically spend more than men do on add-on services, especially suggestive services from the service writer. Women also have different tastes as well, so, if you are selling to guys, you might be missing a huge opportunity. What if you had artwork from local artisans? You might think that doesn’t belong in an oil change business lobby, but that doesn’t mean these items wouldn’t sell well. Plus, they change, so each visit for the next oil chain there would be all new artwork.

Most would agree that the types of things that people might want while dealing with waiting in a hair salon, oil change place, or similar sit-down-and-wait service business would be a TV, internet access, and such. But what if you have a couple of small computer desk work stands as well? Ever been to a Starbucks and seen all the people there with their laptops? You might put in small work stations, such as those in a mid-range hotel.

Should you sell nick-knacks like they do in a car wash lobby? You could and yes, there is a good mark-up on the “Chinese Junk” as I call it. Cell phone supplies, hands free, cigarette lighter chargers for instance. One of our car washes had a kid’s play room, small but perfect for parents to keep an eye on their kids, and that allowed the mothers more time to do their emails and relax. It also kept them shopping in the lobby for gift cards and such.

There are reasons why the industry has found solace in doing it all the “approved way” over the years. No, I don’t much care for it either, but it does work and it is one way to do it. As an entrepreneur maybe it is time that you adapt or try something new, something bold and let it evolve from there, that’s how innovation works and the industry could indeed use some more creativity. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow