How PODS Franchises Work is the website of Portable on Demand Storage, a moving and storage company that was founded in 1998. Americans looking to move interstate or intrastate rely on PODS which has become synonymous with the industry. How would you like to profit from the company’s name? This is now possible thanks to the franchising opportunities offered by the organization which has over 140,000 storage containers in service and a unique method of delivery and packing. In early 2007, PODS was purchased by Arcapita for over $450 million. The company has increased in popularity since then so one can only imagine how much it is worth today.

Is a PODS Franchise a Good Idea?

On the face of it, a PODS franchise appears to be a great opportunity given its profitability and brand recognition but it may not necessarily be the best fit for you. It is your responsibility to conduct due diligence and decide whether investing in a PODS franchise is a potentially lucrative endeavor. offers a wide range of information and is extremely helpful when it comes to franchise queries.

Qualifying For A PODS Franchise

Unfortunately, becoming a PODS franchisee is not possible if you have the savings and bank account of the average American. According to, applicants need a net worth of $1 million, 30% of which must be in the form of liquid assets such as stocks. However, other websites dedicated to providing information on franchise opportunities place the investment range at closer to $10,000! Clearly, wires have been crossed somewhere along the line.

Additional Information

According to, you will pay royalties of 8% on your net sales with an additional advertising fee which is 2% of your net sales. It is not a short-term investment since the minimum term is 20 years and additional terms of 10 years are available thereafter if your franchise has been a success. There are always PODS franchise opportunities available in the United States with current vacancies available here.

Why Choose A PODS Franchise?

PODS is possibly the biggest name in a sector that is growing exponentially. They have delivered more than 2 million containers in their relatively brief history and customers continue to flock to PODS as they feel it is a brand they can trust for their self storage and moving needs. It makes several hundred million dollars per year and acquiring one of their franchises equates to almost guaranteed success because you will have the backing of the corporation.

PODS stand to earn considerable revenue from your success so it’s only natural that they will have your best interests at heart. There are well in excess of 50,000 storage facilities in the United States, a number that’s growing rapidly. The success of self storage shows no signs of slowing down either as Americans continue to hoard their possessions. If you are already relatively wealthy and wish to generate enough income to retire on, a PODS franchise could be right up your street. The downside is that such a franchise does not appear to be a viable option for those with an average income and average level of savings.

Source by Jason Kay