Home Based Business Ideas – Like Sand on the Seashore

Home based business ideas in NJ on the internet are about as plentiful as the sand on the NJ beaches. Most home based businesses begin as solutions to financial needs and problems. These obstacles are many and vary for each individual.

But there are common factors that have affected everyone. Downsizing businesses and layoffs, decreasing home values, loss of savings due to bank failures, Ponzi schemes, higher taxes, lack of credit, devaluation of the dollar, and inflation are forcing people to seek different solutions.

When there are so many opportunities available to choose from, job#1 becomes sorting through all those ideas. The way to begin is to make a list of priorities.

Priority 1: What is your passion? What do you love and what drives your thoughts? How do you spend your free time? Answering these questions for yourself will help you find your niche. You must find something you are passionate about. Start by writing a list of business ideas no matter how far fetched they may seem. Something will stand out.

Priority 2: How determined are you and how badly do you want success? Success is never handed to anyone on a silver platter. Life is a series of search and discovery. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Are you a winner or a quitter? Are you going to give up at the first sign of adversity or frustration?

Many times something needs to be tried before it can be deemed true and plausible. Successful business acumen is tested and tested before it is perfected.

Priority 3: How original is your passion or your idea? Once you have found your passion you can begin steps to start your own business. However, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If someone has all ready begun your idea, maybe it would be more beneficial for you to team up with them. Don’t try to go at it alone if your can become a partner with someone else. Someone that has begun the work may need you to jump on board and join the team.

There is no “I” in team, and businesses need a team of workers and partners. Innovation involves risk, and there is no reward without risk. Reward is a result of risk. Risk is giving at the beginning and receiving later. Risk is never not giving first.

Priority 4: Are you a believer in MLM? Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is actually the foundation of many home based businesses. MLM has been given a bad wrap. One pays for a service or a product, and then they have an opportunity to make a commission on people they bring in under them. It is the responsibility of each individual to determine whether the opportunity is legitimate and is in line with one’s goals.

Priority 5: You must believe in yourself and your idea. You must get traffic to your website. You are important. You must believe that what you can do and give is important and will be needed and appreciated by someone else.

It is my opinion and belief that no successful business can survive without being generous in some way. The most successful people in the world include giving as a part of their financial plan. The amount one decides to give varies, but for many it is as much as 10%. My passion is feeding starving people. Every 5 minutes 15 people in the world die of starvation. Those people are no less important in God’s eyes than you or me or anyone in our family or our loved ones. Have we as a nation forgotten our roots? Have we forgotten how blessed we are? In God we trust?

NJ is a great state and I have lived here all my life. However, with our high taxes and high real estate prices, a second income is a given. So why not help people while you help yourself? Business extends far beyond NJ and into all the 50 states and nationwide. Feeding starving people provides a tax deduction for your business.

Source by Philip LoPresti