Have Computer, Will Work From Home – That’s the Bold New Initiative of the Jaded 9-5 Workers

Do you have a computer? Are you looking to work from home to supplement your income or guard against job loss? You’re not alone.

Increasingly people are looking for ways to supplement their income and a work from home business is a first consideration. This is especially true in hard economic times where jobs are uncertain and the cost of living high.

Working from home can be a very rewarding option and one that many start as a side line to supplement their take-home 9-5 pay. But before long it can become an obsession that eats into your family time and steals your health.

It takes great discipline to keep physically fit when you work from home online. Those who do computer work from home are prone to sitting for too long in one position.

Even staring at your computer screen can stress the body out too much and cause health problems stemming from poor sleep and weight gain.

None-the-less working from home is a great accomplishment and generating a steady 5 figure plus per month income from home is not as hard as you may think. Many newbies to the internet start off in search of generating a full time income or look to part time work from home online. In most cases knowing where to start is the biggest challenge.

Even for those who plan to keep their 9-5 job, working from home is becoming more popular with rapid developments in computer technology. By using e-mail, video conferencing and other high tech facilities it is possible to work quite effectively at a distance from your office. The benefits of escaping the boss are real but on the downside it can be hard to keep home life and office life separate.

Ideally, you should have a separate office in which you can keep your computer, files, fax machine, and other equipment. If this is not possible, set up a work area in the corner of a low-traffic room, perhaps even in your bedroom. Ideally, a spare bedroom could be converted into an office so that you can have space to concentrate on the tasks at hand. If you don’t have an extra room for an office, put up a partition between your work area and the rest of the house.

That way, you can leave work at the end of the day which is good for your sanity and health. You can also keep family from messing up your projects.

Jobs that suit home-based work include secretarial services, writers, artists and telemarketers. It really is easier than you may think but the best potential rewards come from launching your own home based business online. That’s where financial success is the most attractive benefit.

For highly trained business professionals, a consulting service is a great option. It is often provided by people as a supplemental income because they will also be employed elsewhere, and the part time work is more of an interest than a serious career.

Sales, PR and marketing jobs are great for self employed freelancers where work is often possible through freelance bidding websites such as Elance.com. Consulting is a huge at-home business that reflects a demographic of people who have worked for years in an office and who now enjoy a more flexible work schedule due to the success they had earlier in their careers. It’s a great way to retire from the office but still enjoy an income.

However if you decide you want to start your own home business online, remember that building up a business takes time and the best time to get started is right now!

Source by Francine Pullman